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Where are steel rebar suppliers near me? Steel rebar export to Afghanistan as the final product of steel, along with the export of iron ore, is carried out annually from Iran with a high tonnage.

The steel rebar suppliers near me to Afghanistan, is Iran. The rebar export to Afghanistan in the second half of 2018 is more than 100 thousand tons registered according to the customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In addition to Afghanistan, rebar exports from Iran include neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan and others. Of course, among these countries, because of the high tonnage of turkey rebar exports, the main target market for the export of iran steel rebar is Turkey. Afghanistan, as you studied at the beginning of the article, is one of the most important export markets for rebar, according to Customs.

Rebar fob price

Iran rebar steel is manufactured and imported into the consumer market in a variety of prominent and simple forms. The consumer market for rebar is both the domestic market and the international market. In the export field, in addition to the prominent flange, the export of plain rebar, is also carried out. Prominent flange rebar is classified in three grades a2, a3 and a4. And the export of plain rebar is classified in one grades a1.

The rebar fob price is based on the price of rebar in the world market. The market for large manufacturing and consumer markets in the world, such as China, is affecting the world price of rebar.

Price of grade 60 rebar today

The price of rebar on January 10, 2019 in the Iranian market has declined by most factories. Of course, we saw an increase in prices in the middle of this week. But prices have fallen in the last three days.

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