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steel producers around the world vary based on the quality and the quantity they can offer. World steel manufacturers can export the goods because of their regional advantages and ports. In 2018, the raw steel production in the world was about 1808.6 million tons, and the title of biggest steel producer still goes to China.

China got 51.3 percent of the world’s manufacturing in 2018 and from 2008 to 2016 the production percentage decreased and made China the biggest steel producer manufacturer in the world. steel is an alloy of Carbon and Iron. Wherever you look, you can see the steel and steel products. From automaking industries to construction.

Steel production started about 2000 years BC in Southwest Asia, but you better know that 89 percent of world steel manufacturing comes from only 15 companies and China is at the top. Last year, China manufactured about 1000 million tons of products, and Japan in the second place manufactured about 100 million tons which shows the power of the yellow dragon.

The steel industry is responsible for about 7 percent of CFC gas release in the world which has the biggest effect on climate change. During the last couple of years, there have come some solutions to this problem, and the steel industry may experience groundbreaking changes.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world economy took a big hit on production in many different fields, and recovering from this blow is going to take a while, We don’t even know what other matters will appear after.

steel producer in the world

There is a big competition in the world of steel production between producers and manufacturers in the world and companies are passing each other fast. In 2010 the net production of steel was about 1413.6 million tons. China holds 44 percent of the world’s production and during 2008 and 2009, most countries experienced a bad economic slump which made a good ground for China to bold its presence.

Around 66 countries are working in the steel industry, but China, Japan, and India are the top three. Australia and Brazil are the biggest exporters of Iron ore and there is no room for other countries to compete at this level. Luxemburg is a small country in western Europe, has about 600 thousand population, and is the neighbor of Germany and France.

With all its excellent features, has the biggest manufacturing line in the world, producing about 95 million tons of products annually. Arcelor Mittal is a private steel company located in Luxemburg. In 2012 this company was among the 70 biggest companies in the world and now has about 320 thousand employees, producing the best quality steel in the world.

steel producer in the world

world steel manufacturers

here we introduce the 15 biggest steel producers in the world. Hyundai steel in Seoul is one of the biggest automaking companies in the world it started in 1953 and now has 4 steel manufacturing factories 3 of which are CHANGDO, INCHEON, and DANGJIN.

Nucor corporation is the only US manufacturing company on the list of biggest steel producers in the world and its headquarters is in North Carolina, this company is the biggest recycling factory in North America. Posco steel complex in POHUNG, South Korea, was established in 1968 and became one of the biggest steel producer manufacturers in the world.

this company produces steel slabs and ingots, wires, and sheets. JFE holding started in 2002 in Japan and with a market worth of 40 million USD, could get a big part in the world of steel production.‌ This company has a research and development section which develops the best technology in manufacturing steel.

This holding has 3 different manufacturing lines, one of them is called Chita and it is the smallest but more advanced branch, working together they are producing mostly bars and steel pipes. Shandong group was built in 2008. This holding is a mix of two governmental companies and its worth is about 1.4 billion USD.

world steel manufacturers

Based on statistics, this company is producing 31.6 million tons of products annually. Shandong is mostly working on melting, process, and selling steel products and some of the frequent productions of this company are, steel sheets, steel profiles, ingots, and cold and hot briquetted iron.

Shogung is another Chinese company, working on Iron Ore and Antirust (stainless) steel. This company was founded in 1919 and developed in 1999. This company holds one-third of China’s steel production. TATA steel is one of India’s biggest steel companies. The headquarters of this company is in Kolkata and was established in 1907.

This company has over 32000 employees and with a worth of 2.27 billion USD, is the biggest company in India. The products of this company are HR coils, sheets, bars, and many different structural products. Jian long steel is the biggest steel factory in west China, was built in 2000.

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Big steel companies need their products to be sold in any way possible. The best way to capture every small part of the world is to give the products to retailers and then let them work on the smallest parts of the country. This policy works best in many different countries, especially countries with a big number of population.

steel products retailers

India is a big country with a lot of potential. Working with this country can give us the advantage to get the small markets in this country. Because of the work problem in these countries, we can easily find the right people to get to the market.

Of course, having all the markets is very hard and companies like Coca-Cola are working hard on the advertisements to be seen in all the markets. Steel companies are not the products to be found easily in every store and have their own market, so working in the retails is the best scenario in this line of work.

steel products traders

China’s policies in the field of steel and steel export have given the market a big fluctuation. So, steel product traders are experiencing big difficulties in the market. Based on the demand and production of steel products, there is some bad news for companies and traders in the market because the consumption of steel products is facing a bad slump.

steel products traders

Now the quality and services are very important in the market and our company can easily provide you with the best quality products in the world and can fix you the products from every country you want them from, so if you are a trader or a manufacturer, looking forward to doing business internationally, you better come to us.


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