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Direct reduced iron fines Wholesale production

About 5% of the world’s steel is made from sponge iron (DRI), and this trend is growing. Sponge iron is obtained directly by reducing iron ore, also called DRI.

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Steel ingots to export in 2021

The price of steel bars is announced for three types namely billet, bloom and slab steel bars. Billet and Bloom steel ingots are produced in 200 * 300 and 150 *

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Steel ingots Exporting Countries

For the production of rebars with small and large size…. More important than the size of the ingot is the amount of carbon in the ingot and its analysis.

For r

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Steel billets export industry in 2021

In another category, steels are classified according to their application, so the rights of these steels can be classified as antimagnetic, stainless, construct

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Steel slabs Wholesale production

For the first time that galvanized sheet was used for the roof, this type of sheet is only used for instant molds.

At that time, these roofs had many advantage

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Steel ingots Wholesale production

Another category of ingots is slabs, which are different in appearance from other categories of ingots. Unlike bloom and billet, slabs have a rectangular cross

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Iron pellets Distribution centers

Nowadays, scrap or sponge iron obtained directly from iron ore (pellets) is commonly used to make ingots and steel products.

The removal of oxygen in iron ore

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Iron pellets Wholesale price

For the production and cleaning process, the melting and reduction process in the furnaces must be carried out in a modern way. In this regard, there are severa

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Iron pellets Wholesale Supplier in 2021

Pellets are different types of steel that are used to make iron ore steel. Pellets are pellets made from finely chopped iron ore that are used in direct reducti

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