turkish rebar export prices

The turkish rebar export prices is based on the type of rebar of steel st37 or steel ck45, and its analysis, the size of the rebar, the place of delivery, the method of transportation, and the purchase tonnage.

In addition to rebar exports to Turkey, Iran rebar exports to several countries around the world. Turkey is one of the most important target markets for Iran steel rebar exports. In addition to Turkey, we can place the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, the European Union, Oman and … on the list of target markets for Iranian rebar exports, according to customs statistics.

Rebar export prices

To estimate the rebar export prices, we need to consider several parameters. List these items below:

  • Steel rebar: be kind of ST37 steel or steel CK45 and so on.
  • Rebar grade: Rebar grade is determined based on the analysis of the chemical composition of the rebar and the type of bumps on the rebar body.
  • Rebar size: We set the size of the rebar according to the diameter of the rebate body as well as the size of the bumps.
  • Place of delivery: We must specify the destination country. The final price will be announced based on the shipping cost, the customs fee, the cost of the required inspections and other peripheral costs.
  • Also tonnage of the purchase of rebar: The tonnage of the purchase of rebar affects the amount of revenues from the rebar export prices.

Steel sheet suppliers

From other steel sections that Iran exports to other countries, we can refer to a variety of steel sheets. One of the target markets for steel plate in exports is Iraq. Black sheet steel is the export products of the steel industry that Iran exports to Iraq and some other countries.

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