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The export of Iran steel rebar to Turkey in high tonnage has led Turkey to become one of the main goals of Iran steel rebar suppliers for exports. The export steel rebar price is determined on the basis of its grade, size, tonnage, and delivery location.

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Exports of iran steel rebar have increased due to the production of rebar in high tonnage and, of course, increased domestic consumption in Iran. The iran steel rebar suppliers export this product to Turkey along with several other countries, such as Armenia, Georgia, Europe, Qatar and …. Of course, the examination of the tonnage of rebar exports to Turkey and the comparison with exports to other countries shows that Turkey is one of the most important target markets for iran steel rebar suppliers of refined products for export.

Steel rebar for sale

Iran’s steel rebar producers produce steel fittings in two types:

  • Non ribbed rebar
  • Ribbed steel rebar

The ribbed steel rebar has three grades with different types of ribbed and analyzers. Any kind of steel rebar is of different use depending on the mechanical properties estimated. Therefore, in accordance with the mechanical properties of the steel rebar and the type of use of the steel rebar buyers, the rebar should choose the desired quality. Of course, the sorting of the steel rebar is based on the type of steel body of the rebar. For example, Iran’s production and export of rebar is in st37, ck45 and … types.

In the formal submission, steel rebar buyers should request full details of the size and analysis as well as the tonnage of the purchase, submit their request to the steel rebar suppliers. According to the price of steel rebar, the delivery time, sales costs, such as transportation and customs clearance, will be verified by the seller. In fact, the FCO setting is based on the buyer LOI.

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