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Sponge iron priceSimurgh iron & steel company

Buy sponge iron dri for use with scrap iron in steel mills for use in electric arc furnaces and induction arc furnaces. By combining the sponge iron in charging furnaces, the cost of production can be reduced by lowering the price of sponge iron compared to the price of scrap iron.

Sponge iron is widely used as an induction as well as arc furnace charger. As you know, between 15% and 100% charge is made of scraps. High price and shortage of steel scrap are a problem that the steel units that are equipped with these furnaces are facing. On the other hand, there is no possibility of using iron ore directly in these furnaces because of their high impurity content.

Sponge iron is a product whose production and then entry into the steel chain have been a major contributor to these units. The sponge iron comes from the direct recovery of iron ore pellets. Sponge iron is used as a raw material for the grinding of iron ores by manufacturing factories.

Sponge iron price

The buy sponge iron dri in iran has been increasing due to the construction of a significant number of steel units equipped with induction furnaces and arc furnaces. The fuel source of these furnaces is gas. Iran has rich gas resources, which is why the centers of steel production equipped with electric and induction furnaces have increased in our country.
Sponge iron production in Iran is carried out in two ways:

  • Midrex
  • Perred (persian Reduction)

Currently, Iran is one of the most prominent countries producing sponge iron in the world, which, in addition to supplying its domestic market, also exports sponge iron.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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