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Simurgh Iron and Steel Co., as one of the sponge iron fines suppliers, supplies about 20,000 tons of sponge iron fines on a monthly basis. The sponge iron fines specification such as sponge iron lab chemist is presented in the following article. Selling is auctions. You can download the auction file from the bottom of the article.

Sponge iron powder suppliers

Sponge iron fines is a byproduct, in other words, waste, sponge iron production plants. The possibility of using sponge iron powder by the factory itself (for the production of briquettes) or selling it along with the main product, sponge iron, can reduce the cost of production for the direct reduction unit. In this way, products can be delivered at a better price.

Cold briquetting of sponge iron

Sponge iron fines uses which we declare two of them below:

  • Sponge iron fines for the production of iron briquettes
  • Also sponge iron fines for the production of car brake pads

As we have said, one of the uses of sponge iron fines is to use it to produce cold briquettes sponge iron. Boring of the fines is carried out with the mixing of sponge iron fines and silicate glue, lime plus heat. Of course, according to the order of the buyer, it is possible to add the alloying elements to the product at the stage of the production of sponge iron briquettes.

Dri sponge iron fines


Fines sponge iron chemical analysis

The analysis of sponge iron and the product fineness of a factory is often the same. Sponge iron fines is actually crushed sponge iron. Which is dissolved in the final stage of the transfer of sponge iron and product screening. Of course, as mentioned in the previous section, the sponge iron briquette does not necessarily have the same analysis of fineness. Because we often add alloying elements to the product during the production of sponge iron briquettes.

Sponge iron price in Iran

The sponge iron price of the day that sold on the stock exchange or the free market by the sponge iron manufacturers in iran is affecting the estimation and determination of the price of sponge iron fines. The price of fines also directly affects the briquetted iron price.

Price of sponge iron fines

Analysis of sponge iron fines:

Simurgh Iron Co. Catalog

Also form of participation in auctions of the sale of sponge iron fines:

Simurgh iron co – sponge iron fines

In the analysis of sponge iron fines, such as total iron content (Fe total), metallization, also amount of intruder elements such as phosphorus, moisture content and carbon content in the fineness is important. Therefore, in order to declare a proposal for the price of sponge iron, it is necessary to study the analysis of sponge iron fines.

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