Iran sponge iron price 2019 fob

The Iran sponge iron price 2019 fob is estimated on the basis of additional costs, such as export customs tariffs for this product, packing costs for Jumbo Bag, ship transfer fees, and value added costs.

We estimate the sponge iron price for export according to the tonnage and volume of the buyer’s request, taking into account the cost of the side, which we mentioned a few above. The presence of Iran sponge iron price 2019 fob in the list of middle materials of steel exports, which due to its production increase, will increase the number of purchased export demand and demand its price synchronization with the world price of sponge iron.

Sponge iron production in Iran

We have been developing the production of sponge iron in our country in recent months. We would like to mention in this section the latest statistics provided in international journals. In the latest report from the World Steel Association, which presented the global steel production in January 2019, the volume of production of sponge iron in Iran is close to the volume of production of the largest producer of this product, India.

In this publication, the production of sponge iron in Iran in January 2019 is estimated at 2530 thousand tons, indicating an increase of + 35.9%. On the other hand, sponge iron production in India has fallen by about 7% over the same period. This has reduced the gap between Iran and India regarding the volume of sponge iron production. As you know, India and Iran are the largest manufacturers of sponge iron in the world.

World Steel Production Statistics in January 2019

The total amount of steel produced in different countries we report as follows. World steel production has changed by + 1% in January 2019.

  • China’s steel production rose by 4.3%.
  • US steel production is up 11%.
  • Also Germany’s steel production was down 7.2%.
  • Japanese steel production experienced a drop of 9.8%.
  • European steel production declined by 4.2%.
  • Turkey has a drop of 19.2% in steel production.
  • Steel production in Russia fell by 4.5%.
  • Iran also had a 2.6% drop in steel output production in January 2019.

You can get the World Steel_2019_02 from this link.


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