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Buy cold briquetted iron ore for use as a primary charge for melting furnaces. Sponge iron fines become cold briquetted iron during the briquetting process. The fines are separated from the sponge iron at the glare stage.

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The buy cold briquetted iron ore has been boosted with the possibility of using it in combination with scrap iron in induction furnaces and arc furnaces. Advantages of using briquettes such as:

  • Cheaper prices of sponge iron briquetted
  • Greater charging of the furnace
  • Also protection and longer life Refractories of furnace
  • And …

this has led to a boom in purchases.

There are several types of sponge iron briquettes:

  • hot briquetted iron (hbi)
  • cold briquetted iron

The advantages of cold briquetted iron ore are the ability to add alloying elements to briquettes. We do this work at the production stage according to the buyer’s order.

Briquetted iron price

The sale of sponge iron briquettes in the form of cold briquetted iron ore is carried out in two grades of grade one and two. These two qualities have different degrees of metalization and different Fe total percentages. And ready for sale by the iron and steel Simurgh company.

The percentage of Fe total in the cold briquetted iron ore with 1 grade is in the range of 85 to 88 percent. Percentage of total iron in the iron bromide of Grid 1 is in the range of 85 to 88 percent. Also the percentage of metallization is also 90%. The percentage of metallic iron or Fe metal is an important point in the analysis of the products of iron including. At dri briquettes as well as dri.

The percentage of impurities, such as percentage of phosphorus, sulfur, alumina, etc., should also be specified in the analysis of the product. If the alloying elements are added to the product, along with the declaration of the carbon content of the product should be mentioned. You can use the link below to view the briquetted iron ore analysis of the company’s sponge.

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