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The dri iron ore price today is announced in the free market and in the stock market? What is the sponge iron price on the stock exchange and what parameter is it based on?

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What is the dri iron ore price today? The question is asked by most of the manufacturers who have a unit equipped with an electric arc furnace and an induction arc. The price of sponge iron in the free market is important for steelmakers, given the percentage replacement of iron scrap used in arc furnaces and induction furnaces with sponge iron and briquettes. In Iran, the number of factories that use these furnaces to produce steel is not low. Because the fuels are gas and Iran has rich and available gas resources.

Sponge iron price today

But the sponge iron price today is likely to fluctuate around the price announced on a given day. The reason for this is the fluctuation of the continuous change in market conditions and the impact on the supply and demand of the product. In the Iranian market, as you also have experienced and made, the dri iron ore price in the free market with its price on the stock exchange is often reported slightly differently. Of course, the benchmark for determining the price of a sponge iron on the stock exchange has been determined by the law on 26th of December 2018, the price of steel ingot price. The price of sponge iron is 50% of the price per day of steel ingot.

The price of Sponge Iron today on December 26, 2018 is about 12800 to 13,600 Rials for the sponge iron.

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