price of sponge iron fines high purity

The price of sponge iron fines high purity, which is suitable for converting to sponge iron briquettes, is not just about its iron content, but its exact analysis of the percentage of impurities present, such as phosphorus and sulfur, is also examined.

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Determine and declare the price of sponge iron fines high purity according to its analysis sheet. Analysis sheet is provided to the buyer by the seller of iron sponge iron. For most steel products, the price announcement alone does not include a number. Always along with the price quote, a leaflet containing the exact combination of the product under the title of the analysis sheet is also provided by the seller. This is true of the sponge iron ore sales.

Analysis of sponge iron fines

DRI fines Analysis tab contains a few items. The most important part is the total iron or iron purity of the product. The next issue is the amount of iron oxide present in it and the type of oxide. The percentage of impurities in the product is another item that is mentioned in the certificate of approval. Particularly harmful impurities that are often present in this product, such as phosphorus and sulfur, are often expressed. The percentage of moisture content of sponge iron is also mentioned in the analysis sheet.

The following table is an analysis of sponge fines, the product of Simurgh Iron and Steel Company, which is ready to be supplied.

% Humidity %S FeO% %Fe total
0.22 0.0098 0.47 65.44

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