58 fines iron ore price

Estimates of 58 fines iron ore price fob considering that its sales in addition to the domestic market due to the availability of several Iranian factories to the Long oven and converter, in the export sector, including the export of iron ore to China, is boom, is also important.The sale of hematite and magnetite iron ore is found in fines iron ore and iron ore lump form, for use in long oven and converter. As you know, in Iran, several factories such as Isfahan Steel Co use long oven for melting and steel making. Therefore, the sale of lump and fines iron ore in the domestic market is booming for these factories.

Though due to the presence of significant gas reserves in Iran, several active plants equipped with induction furnaces and arc furnaces. These factories have been constructed using a secondary product of iron ore, sponge iron and iron briquettes.

Iron ore exports

The sale of hematite and magnetite iron ore in the form of granulated both in tow size (iron ore fines and iron ore lumps) is done for export. Iron ore exports from iran to the countries of China, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Of course, iron ore, in addition to being exported in the form of granular, also exports it in the other forms. Such as in iron concentrate and iron ore pellets forms.

58 fe iron ore price

54 to 62 percent purity hematite iron ore supply is placed. Hematite iron ore 58% is sold as a medium-purity iron ore.

You can apply for iron ore in EX-WORK or FOB Bandar Abbas or FCA Customs of Tabriz. The details of your request will be checked and your service will be notified in the shortest possible time.

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