magnetite iron ore suppliers

Iranian magnetite iron ore suppliers supply iron ore in two types iron ore fines and iron ore lump with purity of 51 to 62% delivering FOB Bandar Abbas as well as ex-work mines and warehouses.

Magnetite iron ore suppliers sell this product from the mining site and the unit directly to the steel furnaces equipped with a long oven and converter. Concentrating units can also be a magnetite iron ore buyer.

Hematite iron ore sales

Of course, in addition to selling magnetite iron ore, the sale of hematite iron ore is also done. In the tonnage of a thousand tons a day. The exact specifications of the existing and available hematite product are ready to be downloaded in this article:

Article: “Hematite Iron Ore

You can refer to this article if you are going to buy hematite iron ore.

Magnetite iron ore exporters in Iran

Exports and sales of iron ore magnetite from Iran to different countries of the world. We can name China the most important. Of course, iron ore exports are carried out in the form of hematite all over the world. Both types of aggregate minerals are used in steel making units for melting as charging furnace and converter.

Iron ore price list

The iron ore price list often includes magnetite iron ore price and also hematite iron ore price with a purity of 54% to 62%. Currently, Simurgh iron and steel company has the ability to supply magnetite stones at 48 to 62 percent and supply hematite iron ore at 51 to 60 percent.

You can get a sales unit analysis of available and saved shipments that are ready to be loaded. However, in order to expedite the delivery of full details of shipments, it is necessary to send your request formally with details of the purchase to the company’s email address ( Of course, you can also contact the company’s commercial director directly. Our communication paths are listed below.

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