iron ore concentrate specifications – current price

Iron ore concentrate specifications with 67% Fe and FeO below 28, with phosphorus and sulfur content less than 0.08% and 0.05%, are sold in tonnage of 30,000 tonnes per 15 days by FOB Bandar Abbas by Simuorgh Iron and Steel Company. Due to the fluctuation of iron ore price, during the order period, we will consider the global iron ore concentrate price plus shipping cost at the current market price of iron ore concentrate. Source, iron ore price news on the platts magazine.

Magnetite concentrate iron ore exports

The export of iron ore concentrate to China, India and … from Bandar Abbas reaches several million tons annually. The survey of the Chamber of Commerce shows that the sell iron ore to china is more than other countries, and China is ranked first in terms of the annual volume of purchases from Iran among other countries. The volume of exports in the last 9 months of 2018 was reported to be over 3 million tons. Worth more than $ 326 million. The statistics cited were based on statistics recorded in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce. Most of this volume of export of iron ore concentrate is, as we mentioned, in the purchases of China.

Platts iron ore price chart

The global current market price of iron ore concentrate, in determining the iron ore concentrate price, is the delivery of FOB port, effective and the first parameter of interest to exporters. Based on this parameter, plus additional shipping costs, such as shipping and cargo insurance, the price of iron concentrate delivered to Bandar Abbas FOB. Regarding this issue, we will review the instantaneous prices of iron ore at any time interval during the negotiation and announcement of prices to our customers. We also consider fluctuations in international shipping rates. And then we will announce the final price. In short, we can state that the price of iron ore concentrate is based on the latest global rate.

Current market price of iron ore concentrate

The iron ore price index on the Dalian stock exchange shows a declining trend for March 22, 2019 after three weeks of uptrend (from the brazil vale dam failure). The decline was about -5.3%. Recent events in Brazil affect this decline.

The latest iron ore news that has been affecting global prices is also related to Vale, Brazil. The company has succeeded in obtaining a license to launch a brucutu mine from the court. By acquiring this license, the possibility of export of thirty million tonnes to the global markets has been provided by the company. Many experts believed that the mine would not return to the production cycle for 2019.
China’s current market price of iron ore concentrate is $ 97.63 per ton, with a 66 percent Fe analysis in the global price index.

Iron ore concentrate analysis

Exports of Iranian iron concentrate are increasing due to increased production and processing. The high purity of iron ore extracted from iron ore mines in Zanjan Iran has allowed the processing of iron concentrate with a very good analysis and export with the least amount of impurities.

You can see the analysis of iron concentrate, which is currently ready for sale by Simurgh iron and steel company, at the following time. As you can see, iron content is above 67% with FeO below 28%. Fortunately, the percentage of intruder elements is very low.

iron ore concentrate specifications

Of course, in addition to concentrate 67%, two other concentrates with 68.48% and 65.84% Fe are also available. Delivering the requested tonnage and purchasing details can be effective in declaring the most appropriate price.

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