platts iron ore price today 2019

The PLATTS iron ore price today for January 18, 2019 showed a volatility of +1.2% for the iron ore price cfr china. The global iron ore price index has also been on the rise for the last two days, January 21 and 22, but today’s January 23rd is decreasing.

The iron ore price index for the past few days is showing an increase. As we mentioned in China iron ore price increase was announced January 18, 2019 on January 18. Which is priced at $ 75.95 for iron ore 62 fe cfr china price.

Iron ore price index platts

What is also clear from the review of the global iron ore price index in recent days, January 21 and 22, 2019, the increasing trend in the price of iron ore in these days has continued. The global iron ore price index showed an increase of + 0.3 percent as of January 21, an increase of +1.5 percent for January 22nd. But for today, the global price index has recorded a downward trend in iron ore prices in china today.

The price of iron ore in China January 23, 2019

The price of iron ore in China on January 23, 2019 has been declining since the previous day. Reduction for iron ore 62 fe price is -0.4 percent and for iron ore 58 fe price is -0.8 percent. Iron ore prices are now $ 74.48 and $ 52.94, respectively.

To find out the price of iron ore in Iran for this date of delivery of our fob ports, please refer to the article below. You can also use the following communication methods to get the price of a day and inventory inquiry.

Article: Iran iron ore fob price

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