Chadormallu iran iron ore concentrate price per ton

The Chadormallu iran iron ore concentrate price per ton (with a purity of 68.48% and 67% fe total ready for sale) is set at the floor price for the high capacity of iron concentrate in long-term contracts. The company’s supply capacity at the site and warehouses is about 800 thousand tons annually, with a possibility to load 70 thousand tons per month for export and domestic sales.

The price per ton of iron ore concentrate in negotiating the purchase of this product is measured and announced by the seller on the basis of several items. Where that in buy iron ore concentrate is the most important.

Best iron ore concentrate price per ton

Purchasing iron ore concentrates is often carried out in a time-consuming cycle, due to the needs of the consumer factory. The buyer of iron ore concentrate in deal with any iron concentrate vendor is willing to sign a long-term contract for several reasons:

  • Remove concerns about product supply throughout the year
  • Achieve the best iron ore concentrate price per ton
  • Also ensure access to the purity and quality of the product

Option two, refers to the price of iron concentrate. As you know, this product is traded in very high tonnage. So the smallest price difference can be a huge amount. Therefore, manufacturing plants are always looking for the right price for their requested product. To adjust their production costs and reduce them. The seller of Iron Ore concentrates on the buyer’s needs and the contract that he closes to supply the plant within a few years, trying to declare the best offer to him.

Iron ore concentrate plant

Simurgh Iron and Steel Company is ready to conclude a contract for the sale of iron ore concentrate. In the range of 66 to 68.48% Fe in a tonnage of 800 thousand tons annually. With a loading capacity of 70 thousand tons up to a maximum of 20 thousand tons per month.

Iron ore concentrate production process

We use an iron ore with a total purity content of about 50%. It is introduced into giratory crusher and converted into a hollow with a dimension of about 200 mm. After this stage, the product enters the HPGR mills and the bullet mill. And after purification by magnetic methods and flotation. Then it becomes a concentrate of iron ore with a degree of over 67% and a size of 300 to 600 microns.

Buy Iron ores concentrate

You must update your request at any time when you are applying for iron ore concentrate. We will review your request in accordance with the contract and the obligations that we have given to our other customers. And we will send you our official offer. Your request will be processed within two working days. If possible, the contract will be sent along with the official offer of your service.

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