hot briquetted iron manufacturers in india – iran

Hot briquetted iron manufacturers in India also hot briquetted iron manufacturers in Iran are the world’s largest suppliers of this product. The launch of several production lines for sponge iron briquettes in Iran has recently been carried out with the expansion of export sales of this product and considering the risks of sponge iron transportation and storage.

Iron ore briquettes are sold in various types of cold briquetted iron and hbi (hot briquetted iron) from Iran to various countries such as China, India, Azerbaijan and ….

Sponge iron production in india & iran

The construction of sponge iron mills with a capacity of several million tonnes in Iran and a significant increase in annual production has led to the expansion of the export of this product in addition to domestic supply. Currently, the sponge iron manufacturing plant is active in various regions of East Azarbaijan, Khorasan, Kerman, Isfahan, Yazd and others.

Sponge Iron Specification

As we know, sponge iron is the only suitable product obtained from ore mineral processing that can be used in arc and induction furnaces. Unfortunately, iron ore pellets do not have direct use in this type of furnace. The production of sponge iron is made from iron ore pellets. In fact, in the answer to the question of the use of the pellets, we can mention, in addition to direct use for long furnaces, to use it for direct reduction and the production of sponge iron with the goal of supplying arc and induction furnaces.

Although the use of sponge iron has many advantages, including cost savings, it can also be dangerous. Its dangerous due to the possibility of rapid activation and oxidation. One of the risks of sponge iron is the possibility of flammability. Specially at the stage of transportation or storage of the product. If the passivation process does not work properly on the product, this is likely.

Cold and hot briquetted iron (hbi) production plant

Hot Briquetted Iron Manufacturers in India and Iran have been working to improve the specification of sponge iron. And eliminate its dangers. Compressing and briquetting sponge iron increases its resistance to oxidation. Therefore, there will be no other ignition possible.

Of course, sponge iron briquettes are classified according to the product’s inlet temperature to the briquetting machine in two types:

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