hot briquetted iron price in iran

The sale of hot briquetted iron in Bandar Abbas in the tonnage of 40,000 metric tons is 88-89% and the percentage of fe metal is 81-82% for the exports of India, Syria, Turkey, China and Oman by Simorgh Iron and Steel Company. You can see the exact product analysis and the hot briquetted iron price in iran below.

Exporting and selling hot briquetted iron (hbi) to different countries such as China, Oman, India, Syria, Turkey, Azerbaijan and … from Iran. Exports of hot briquette of sponge iron are carried out inside the container or in bulk. In the delivery of a hot briquette iron container, the product is usually placed inside a jumbo bag of one or several tons and is transported to the container. The type of packaging and delivery of bulked or packed goods depends on the customer’s request. And, of course, the volume of the order for the purchase of iron briquettes. Bulk shipments Raw steel products are usually thirty thousand and fifty thousand. In lesser order quantities, we will have to use the container.

Hot briquetted iron price in iran and its analysis

The sale of hot sponge iron briquette is carried out in Bandar Abbas with a tonnage of 40,000 tons. You can view the index of the product and also iron ore briquette analysis below.

Fortunately, the high efficiency of the melting process in the use of hot briquetted iron (hbi), along with the high maintenance time and also the unlikely oxidation, has gained worldwide acceptance of the steelmaker. Iran is the third largest country in the Middle East as well as the ninth largest country in the world, with its production of hot briquetted iron (hbi). And now it is one of the largest exporters of this product in the world.

Table 1:  Hot briquetted iron
Total Fe 88-89%
Metallic Fe 81-82%
Metallization 91-92%
Carbon 0.95% (+-0.1%)
Sulphur 0.007% (+-0.001%)

Hot briquetted iron price in iran and its analysis

We deliver the product to the buyer’s request for delivery to FOB Bandar Abbas or also CIF country of destination. It is also possible to sign a long-term contract for the annual production of the product. For more information, contact the sales department of Simurgh iron and steel company. The communication paths are below.

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