Steel Products manufacturers In United Kingdom

There are many companies in the UK those who produced and supply steel products like UK Steel, Swiss steel UK Ltd, Steek Fab (UK), Fitzpatricks UK Ltd, Celsa Manufacturing, Barrett Steel Limited, Travers Steel Ltd, ParkerSteel, and other companies.

Make the UK is one of the largest producing countries in the world. Nearly 3 million people work in our industry, which accounts for almost half of UK exports. Our companies lead more than 60% of research and development in the UK. Because of this investment, production as we know it is changing, adapting, and evolving every day.

Swiss Steel Group (UK) Ltd was originally established in 1958 on behalf of the Stahlwerke Sudwestfalen and is now part of the Deutsche Edelstahlwerke. Since then, the business has grown steadily to attract other companies in the group, culminating in the acquisition of Ugitech UK and Finkl Steel UK in 2008.

Steel Fab UK Ltd has been one of the leading constructions and general engineering companies in Preston and the Northwest for many years. We are a dynamic company that offers exceptional services including design, construction, and installation.

At SFUK, the company has a strong reputation for “attention to detail” in customer requirements:

Put our customer service second. SFUK has extensive experience and knowledge in the steel structures industry.

Many of our valued customers are satisfied and repeat customers.

Fitzpatrick Group of British Companies

Hindu sheet metal, Hindu designs, Fitzpatrick production

Hendon Sheet Metal offers the latest laser cutting technology to build your design, Hendon Design offers CAD software drawings of your product or idea, and Fitzpatrick Fabrication offers a wide range of manufacturing services, mainly stainless steel / software and Offers aluminum.

Selsa Steel UK is portion of the Selsa Group of Companies. Selsa (later Selsa Group) was established in 1967 as a re-rolling mill for steel rebars. More than four decades later, the Selsa Group grew to become one of the largest steel producers in Europe, producing more than 10 million tons of steel a year through its group companies in Spain, Britain, Poland, Norway, and France.

More than 150 years of customer service experience sets Bart Steel apart from our competitors. Customers have been at the heart of our business since the founding of the Barthes Art Business in 1866, with more than 40 companies now operating in nearly 30 locations in the UK. Company strives to establish long-term mutually beneficial partnerships.

Swiss Steel International Steel Products

Swiss Steel UK now proudly offers its customers a business and logistical interface to all Swiss Steel Group plants, and we have strong links with companies such as DEW, Ugitech, Finkl Steel and Swiss Steel.

We have a wide variety of warehouses in our warehouse, plus access to central warehouses in France and Germany. Our cutting and processing facilities and in-house haulage fleet allow us to offer custom service solutions to our customers, as well as deliver high volume products directly from the factory.

The activity of Swiss Steel UK is focused on supplying the highest quality tool steels, stainless steels, and engineering steels from our own factories: Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (Germany), Ugitech (France), Steeltec, Swiss Steel (Switzerland), Finkl Steel (North America).)

With a sales and warehouse office located in Oldbury, our local team can provide tailored service, technical support, and on-time delivery.

Company work is special steel. Swiss Steel Group produces a complete range of tool steels, long stainless-steel products, and high-quality engineering steels (alloyed and unalloyed) for the most specific applications. These products are available in alloys, grades, and various sizes, including ready-to-use components.

Choose from tool and engineering steels, stainless steels, acid and heat resistant and even light and special steels.

Company steel chemistries include a wide range of standard and specific grades, even grades developed for certain customers. Sizes vary from 13 microns to 1 meter, depending on the product. Blocks may reach 40 tons. There are many terminals: surface conditions, suitable packaging, and even ready-made assemblies are part of our product range.


Swiss Steel International Steel Products

Fitzpatrick’s UK Steel Products

Fitzpatrick Fabrication offers a wide range of manufacturing services, primarily stainless steel / mildew, and aluminum. Our welding engineers are qualified to work in accordance with the main international welding standards BS EN 15614 and EN 287.

Welding code

Fitzpatrick mainly offers MIG and TIG welding. Most of our engineer’s code in one or both 3 popular materials: Mild Steel: Stainless Steel: Aluminum.

laser cut

Mitsubishi EX-F laser cutter is a game changer and can cut most materials up to 25 mm thick, including the following: metals, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and zinc-titanium alloy, aluminum, Rice, copper.

Metal fabrication

The company supplies our steel structures in most areas, including the construction of decorative buildings and structures, aerospace support equipment, and oil and gas pipeline laying equipment.

Sheet metal design

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Fitzpatrick Makings is a holding company for Hendol sheet metal, Hendol Corporation Mitsubishi Laser EX-F is a game changer in the laser cutting industry with the following features:

X2 is the fastest available laser technology

Fitzpatrick’s UK Steel Products

It can cut most materials up to 25 mm thick with a laser

The materials we laser are:


Mild steel

stainless steel

Galvanized sheet and ornament





Celsa Group Steel Products

The CELSA Group is currently industrialized in 8 countries and has more than 120 work centers worldwide. We currently have six trading groups including steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution, and recycling companies. Our company allows us to work in all steel production processes and has the largest variety.

The parent company of the group is the long product manufacturer with the largest variety and largest output in the Selsa Group. Founded in 1957, the company has an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons of steel, and can produce various round corrugated, smooth, wire, flat, square, angle, and structural profiles.

Aceros para la Construction is the current Spanish subsidiary of the CELSA Group فول Steel Mesh and Rebar. With a long tradition in the grid and rebar market, it has a strong geographic presence.

CELSA Steel Service ES is the name of the CELSA Group میل rebar operating in Spain since 2014, offering customers state-of-the-art concrete reinforcement solutions.

Celsa Group Steel Products

It is the largest scrap iron recycling group in the country, distributed in 13 oil fields throughout the country, providing the best service to suppliers and customers. Its history as a CELSA Group company began in the 1980s at a scrap yard for iron and non-ferrous metals in Badalona.

The acquisition of Nervacero in 1988 made CELSA Group the leader in the Spanish stripe market. Nervacero has an annual production capacity of 1 million tons of liquid steel, producing corrugated steel and smooth round steel for reinforced concrete.

CELSA Atlantic Flat was established in 1958 under the name Laminaciones Arregui and now specializes in the production and sale of welded steel pipes.

Acquired in 1987, Global Steel wire SA specialises in the manufacture of advanced wire rods and their transformation through its affiliated pulling plants and is increasingly involved in the high-tech sector.

In addition, it has its own port, which gives it a competitive advantage in the international market.

Global Bright Bar is a new area of ​​global specialty steel products dedicated to the production of high-quality grades of rebar for the automotive industry. Global Special Steels Products is a 100% subsidiary of Global Steel Wire.

Celsa Group Steel Products

Barret Steel Products

These are the slogans of Bart Steel. Bart Steel is a motivated and problem-solving steel shareholder that builds long-term partnerships with its customers to realize the full potential of your project. Bart Steel provides a vital link in the supply chain from manufacturer to customer.

The company’s advanced expertise and professional skills ensure the outstanding success of various projects worldwide.

By working with Barrett Steel, you can benefit from the following: reduction of warehousing costs, access to more than 100 kg of steel reserves, extensive machining services, fast delivery using your transport fleet and a network of service centers throughout Britain and Ireland.

Bart Steel is the UK’s largest independent shareholder of steel, with a distribution fleet and sites in the UK. As you might expect, our steel processing facilities are world-class. His advanced expertise and professional skills have ensured the remarkable success of a variety of popular projects around the world and have established our reputation as the number one supplier of steel inventory industry.

As a leading British Steel shareholder, we focus on your needs because the result is as important to us as you are. That is why companies have added value at every step of the way, on time and with a budget.

The company is very happy to have no commitment discussions with the customer about the customer’s current or future. Contact us today as an independent shareholder of Steel.

The company applies its internal tools to conventional machines and allows us to core different sizes.

All his sites have internal sawing capabilities, including semi-automatic band saws and carbide saws, which allow us to provide fast and accurate services to meet your needs. The company can also offer eribing, bundling, duplicate, square and oblique services.

Barret Steel Products

Parker Steel Products

ParkerSteel supplies a wide range of steel and aluminum products to industry in the South of England. The selection of quality steel companies is designed to meet the needs of a variety of manufacturing and construction industries. We also offer a wide range of steel processing services for a comprehensive experience.

In an industry with tight deadlines, let us take the stress out of your buying. The company’s one-stop steel shop allows customers to order steel stock, machining materials, steel accessories, packaging and more from our Canterbury factory in a single contact with the customer, allowing for a more bespoke, focused, and personalized service. Consistently.

The mild steel sleeve is a set of stainless steel, aluminum, and light steel. Parker Steel provides metal shares and supplies to a range of industries in the South of England. With several in-house machining services, ParkerSteel can

Comprehensive metal supply services for metal organizations and workers. No matter which metal you choose, all his products are fully certified with instant access to online test certificates.

Steel is part of our DNA and we have built a team of metal experts with knowledge and experience in various fields. Our aim is to provide you with a surface service that reflects his expertise so that customers can trust us as your steel partner.

Customers can be sure that your investment in metal service and processing has been tested, tested, and approved by our experts and external agencies. Whether a customer requires a standard stock line, or your material is sandblasted and processed, just place an order today and we’ll deliver it tomorrow.

The company’s experienced consulting team is on hand to answer any questions, queries, or inquiries. Additionally, his online service features real-time pricing for quotes, more information about our products and services, instant access to trial certificates, and free next-day shipping when ordering online.

Parker Steel Products

Paragon Stainless Steel Products

Paragon Stainless Products Ltd is a private company based in Colchester, Essex, specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of high-quality stainless-steel surface drainage systems.

The company’s systems are used in many applications, including internal and external drainage of buildings, hard and soft landscaping, sports and leisure facilities, hotels, retail areas and distribution centers.

We offer a standard range of trenches, canals, gratings, and related products, and in addition to specializing in custom solutions such as curved and profiled drainage canals and networks, we can meet your exact needs.

At Paragon Stainless Products Ltd, the company prides itself on our honesty and frankness in dealing with our customers, and our experienced technical engineers are always available to talk about any aspect of our product range. Paragon Stainless manufactures a wide range of standard and customized products.


Paragon Stainless Steel Products

All information mentioned above providing to the buyers who want to know and buy steel products. We are looking to find our place  in the national and international market by high quality good and competitive price. We keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and industry requirements. Protect the quality of the environment. Encourage innovation / creativity. Please kindly visit our site for more information.

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