steel billet price per ton china

Steel billet price per ton china and the world had a growing trend due to continued global iron ore price growth last month. During the last week of February 2019 the highest price fluctuations on the steel billet to steel billet price in uae, which is about +.3 recorded.

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Steel billet price per ton china and other region in the global index of prices of mineral products, there was a significant increase over the last week. Steel slabs also fluctuated at the same time. In the top of the list of weekly price changes, the cis steel slab prices were shipped with + 20.5% growth at $ 495-500. The steel billet price in uae fluctuated + 13.3%, which was ranked second in the list. Which is now equal to 505-510 $ / ton. Also, the cis steel slab prices is 495-500 $ / ton. The cis steel billet price was also raised at + 6.7% at $ 448 / ton.

Iran steel billet price

The Iran steel billet price also steel slabs price also increased. The growth rate is estimated at +8.3% and +8.1%, respectively. Currently, the steel slabs prices is $ 360-390 per tonne and the price of steel billet at $ 390-400 per tonne. At the same time, we see the growth of prices for the final product of steel, such as steel rebar prices. The CIS steel rebar prices per ton was 7.7%, at $ 475-490 per tonne.

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