price of steel slab per ton in iran

The price of steel slab per ton in iran and the price of steel billets in iran went down this week. While we saw the growth of the steel billet price index in cis at around $ 5. The annual slump in the price of slab steel was about -7.5%, and for steel billet price about -5.7%.

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The main reasons for the drop in the price of steel slab per ton in Iran and the steel billet price below are briefly mentioned. There are three reasons for this.

Iron ingot price news today

One of the most important reasons for lowering the price of steel slab per ton in Iran and the price of steel billets fob in Iran is increasing shipping costs. International shipping costs increased from Iranian ports due to sanctions imposed by the United States, which has lowered Iran’s steel prices by delivering FOB ports to our country.

The second issue is the US embargo on Iran, the presence of US ships in the Gulf and the prevention of foreign ship cooperation with Iran. Formerly foreign ships were shutting down to Iran’s ports by shutting down the GPS, but now it’s not possible. According to a report that the consignor has 80,000 tons of cargo in Bandar Abbas owned by a customer and is waiting for the foreign ship to transport the cargo.

Iran Steel Export

We also raise the third issue. Iranian steel exports are carried out by several companies. Unfortunately, the lack of proper management and the inappropriate competition of exporters who intend to enter our country’s domestic target markets in exporting steel products to the benefit of each other’s buyers will have a negative impact on net profits of foreign exporters and steelmakers. Managing this issue is essential.

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