steel billet price chart

The growth of the steel billet price chart also steel rebar price chart and other steel products have witnessed a few days ago with the rise in the price of upstream steel products. In the mineral price index on April 2, 2019, iron ore and steel were at the top of the change table.

The cis steel billet price has grown 0.2 percent weekly, up 9.6 percent from the start of 2019 (with the demolition of the Brazilian Vale Corporation dam) and now stands at $ 448 per tonne.

Steel billet price 2019

Steel billet price chart is on the ascent from April 1, 2019. In April 2019, the global fluctuations in the steel prices such as steel billet price in usa, in other region also such as tangshan billet price chart were at + 0.6% on the global index of mineral products. With this fluctuation, the latest Tangshan steel billet price was announced at 3470 yuan. Of course, the cis steel billet price for this date was down, but the last one was up 0.2% as we mentioned at the beginning of the article. This price fluctuation will certainly affect the fluctuation of Iran steel billet price. The effect of these fluctuations on the rate of export Iran steel billet in world markets will be in your articles.

Standard steel billet sizes

You can download the following file for information on the specifications of various steel billets of Simurgh iron and steel company.

Slab & billet catalog – Simurgh iron company

Steel billets manufacturers

The largest steel billet manufacturer in Iran are Mobarakeh Steel Co. of Isfahan and the Khuzestan Steel Complex which are supplying the domestic market with its extensive exports.

Iran steel billet price

The steel billet price iran Khuzestan is due to the high tonnage exports of its annual production, despite the impact of the global steel market price, including the cis steel billet price.

Iron scrape price 2019

The instantaneous price of scrap iron is also rising due to the rising trend in iron ore prices. The positive fluctuation of the price of iron scrap and the price of iron ore has led to a rise in steel prices and finished products on the global market. In the following article, we will examine the latest global price of iron scrap.

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