sponge iron used in induction furnace

The sponge iron used in induction furnace should have a high metallization rate to achieve the desired efficiency. In the sale of sponge iron, it is very important to pay attention to the kind of consumer furnace.

The sale of sponge iron as a product of the interface between the mining industry and steel makers is used by manufacturers who use arc furnaces and induction melting furnaces. Sponge iron production takes place in a variety of different qualities. Two very important issues regarding the quality of sponge iron are the percentage of metallization and the sponge iron carbon percentage.

Sponge iron induction furnace

The sponge iron used in induction furnace should have a high metallization. This will result in a high melting efficiency. In fact, there is no possibility of using second grade sponge iron in the induction furnace due to the structure of these furnaces. While the electric arc furnace type are less sensitive to induction.

Sponge iron carbon percentage

Sponge iron is produced on the basis of carbon content in two types of low carbon and high carbon. Low-carbon sponge iron is used in the production of steel ingot, but high-carbon sponge iron in the production of cast iron ingots.
Therefore, in addition to the need to declare the type of furnace to buy sponge iron, we must also specify the production target, which we want to produce steel ingot or cast iron ingot. So we can buy the best sponge iron product according to our needs.

Sponge iron briquette

Sponge iron briquette are the more compact type of sponge iron. The sponge iron is a product that is highly sensitive to oxidation and has a potential to ignite. Therefore, the ability to transport and depot is very low. The ignorance of this problem, especially in the export of sponge iron, we produce the iron briquette.

Its sponge iron briquette have all kinds of hot briquetted iron and cold briquetted iron.  In the previous articles, we introduced this product in more detail with the analysis and the price of the inventories of Simurgh Iron and Steel Company. In the upcoming article, we will reiterate.

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