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Sponge iron manufacturers in iran produce a product with 86-90 percent fe total, as well as metallization of about 90-92 percent with the direct reduction of iron ore pellets and supplied in the world market. Simurgh Iron and Steel Company, Sponge Iron, with a monthly capacity of 50 thousand tons, and a minimum capacity of 4, is available. The sponge iron price is set to the day.

Steel plant in iran

Simurgh iron and steel company is one of the suppliers of sponge iron for the domestic market (supply on the stock exchange and the free market) and, of course, in global markets. Sales of Iron Concentrate, Iron Ore and Sponge Iron, with an annual capacity of:

  • 4 million tons of iron ore concentrate
  • 2.5 million tons of iron pellets
  • One million tons of sponge iron

Fortunately, the acceptable grade and purity of the used iron ore pellets, makes it possible to produce high quality sponge iron and an acceptable analysis. Currently, the pellet analysis shows a purity between 65 and 66 percent with a feo below 1 percent.

Sponge iron price

The sponge iron price in Iran often differs from stock exchange and free market. The price of a stock exchange is sometimes lower than the free market because of the high supply volumes. Due to the high volume of supply in the stock exchange, steelmakers with lower production capacities that do not have the possibility of dropping the product can not afford to buy from the stock exchange. Suppliers and distributors of the product can play a positive role in providing the product to these factories at an affordable price.

Simurgh iron and steel company

Simorgh Iron and Steel Company is a supplier and exporters of sponge iron with a monthly capacity of 50,000 tons with a minimum order of 4 car capacity (depending on the buyer’s conditions and the order of the time, there is a possibility of acceptance at lower capacities). Therefore, you need to inquire about your request. Need to order your order depending on the type of furnace and equipment of your plant. In addition to the type of ingot, to the sales unit to offer the best option available on your request. Simorgh iron and steel company is located in Tabriz, Tehran and Isfahan.

Dri iron ore pellets

You can see a sample of sponge iron analysis of Simuorgh Iron and Steel Company in the table.

Dri iron ore pellets

Analysis of iron ore pellets to produce sponge iron used in this section is provided. You can compare the percentage of impurities.

Dri iron ore pellets

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