sgx iron ore cfr china (62 fe fines) swap

The sale of sgx iron ore cfr china (62 fe fines) swap in the tonnage of 30,000 tons and 60-61 percent in the tonnage of 12450 tons sgs (see sgs sheet can be seen below) for export delivery to Imam Khomeini port . The magnetite iron ore analysis shows, based on sgs, a percentage between 60-61% iron for a dry product. Magnetite iron ore price FOB delivery Please contact us through the link provided.

Iran iron ore fines fob price

The sales of sgx iron ore are china (62 fe fines) swap and 60-61%, without intermediary in Zanjan with the analyzes you are seeing. Of course, the cargo can be shipped to Imam Khomeini port. An analysis of the sgs offered for iron ore with a purity of 60-61%, for a tonnage of 12450 tonnes, is now depo in the port. You can see the confirmed analysis page of sgs. As it is evident, the total iron content of the whole product is about 60-61%. Impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur are very low. Fortunately, the product extracted from the mine is decent and the purity is acceptable and allows us to arrange and present the product in high quality.

sgx iron ore cfr china (62 fe fines) swap


Platts iron ore price chart

The price of sgx iron ore cfr china (62 fe fines) swap stood at $ 86.81. On the global price index on March 29, 2019. The latest up trend changes. The quote is for delivery to Qingdao, China. Iran iron ore prices fob are also for iron ore 62% this time is $ 50.7.

Iron ore fines 62 fe price

Iron ore 62 fe meaning 62% Fe into the iron ore composition. The price of iron ore, in addition to its analysis and purity, is influenced by another parameter. It is the size of the stone grains.

The price of iron ore is announced for two types:

  • Iron ore fines: It measures from zero to ten millimeters.
  • Also iron ore lumps: It has a size of ten to thirty millimeters.

The existing shipment offered for sale is fine-grained iron ore. An analysis of magnetite iron ore with a grain size of 0-10 millimeter ready for sale and supply by the Simurgh Iron and Steel Company is currently available at the top. You can use the following communication paths to get information on how to get involved, getting the price of a day and ordering an order.

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