sale of hematite iron ore 62 fe

Sale of hematite iron ore 62 fe in the form of iron ore fines and iron ore lumps (grains of 0-10 and also grains of 10 to 30 mm) with the analysis sheet below, ready for sale in the tonnage of 1000 tons per day.

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Sale of hematite iron ore 62 fe also iron ore 58 fe of seven mines in different parts of Iran and with a warehouse of more than 70 thousand tons with a purity of 48 to 62 percent of iron is made by Simurgh iron and steel company. Tab analysis (certificate) for 51% of the iron ore hematite can see below.

Ave. Unit Element
13.66 % SiO2
1.55 % Al2O3
<0.05 % BaO
5.60 % CaO
51.27 % Fe (t)
0.33 % K2O
19.87 % FeO
3.65 % MgO
0.27 % MnO
0.24 % Na2O
0.62 % P
0.62 % S
0.97 % TiO2
<0.05 % LOI

Iran iron ore fob price

Delivery times are ex-work mines and warehouse storage for products. If you are requesting a product transfer if you intend to export the product, we will have Chabahar, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Anzali and … ports. FOB delivery to domestic ports means ship supply. Notice if you want the product to be fob of the ports you need, please inquire about the price and inventory of this item. Provide purchase details including requested tonnage, bulk, or jumbo box product and … to be announced, so that we can estimate sales costs.

In the first step, the initial price of the mine door or warehouse is announced. In case of initial confirmation of the price, you will need to submit an official request to our company’s email address ( to provide accurate estimates of costs and prices delivered to fob or cfr in the form of fco or pi.

Iron ore price 62 cfr china

If you intend to purchase hematite iron ore for the export of iron ore to China, we will accept delivery of the cargo as a cfr delivery to one of the Chinese ports (by reviewing the requirements of the buyer and, if approved by the commercial manager of the company). For information, you can contact the company’s sales experts through the following communication paths. Direct links to the company’s business management are also given below.

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