Prices of sponge iron fines – iron waste

Prices of sponge iron fines – iron waste according to the sale of auctions in most cases, according to the buyer’s offer. Of course, sales are announced by the company on a long-term basis over a number of years without auctions.

Sponge iron fines

sponge iron fines is a waste product of direct reduction units, which, due to the development of its consumption in a part of the industry, is possible for sale, and hence the production cost savings for sponge iron mills are provided. One of the most important uses of sponge iron fines is its use in iron briquettes production. Sponge iron briquettes, which, like the sponge iron product, can be replaced with iron scrap. Among other uses of sponge iron fines, we can mention it in the production of metallic and semi-metallic brake linings in the automotive industry.

Sponge iron fines buy

The purchase of fines from sponge iron mills often takes place in auctions, according to the auction of announced sales from factories. In some cases, the manufacturing plant also provides the possibility of direct purchase for the product, along with the specification of the price of sponge iron. For information on the auctions for sale by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company, as well as direct sales for products inside the warehouse, please check the site or channel of the company.

Briquetted iron production

The use and charge of sponge iron fines briquettes are sponge iron fines. Fortunately, with the launch of the production of sponge iron briquette, it is possible to sell sponge iron fines in direct reduction units. Obviously, reducing the amount of waste material produced by the units means reducing costs. Definitely reducing production costs will allow the plant to make a balanced production price of the manufactured product.

Sponge iron price in Iran

The price of Sponge Iron in Iran is announced by the factory both in the stock exchange and in the free market. The price of sponge iron in the stock is based on the price of steel billet in the stock exchange. It is almost equal to 50% of the ingot rate. Obviously, the price of sponge iron is due to the price of the sponge iron day. Obviously, the quality characteristics of the product include the percentage of metallization, moisture, impurities, etc. It is very important to determine the price of sponge iron.

Prices of sponge iron fines

In order to declare the price of sponge fines at any given time, we need to monitor the price of steel mid-day products. At the same time, a review of the sponge iron fines for determining the quality of the product is necessary in determining the price of sponge iron.

To get the sponge iron fines product analysis and agreement on price, please contact the sales department of the company.

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