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magnetite iron ore sales

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Iran iron ore fob priceHematite iron ore salesSimurgh iron & steel company
magnetite iron ore sales

Magnetite iron ore sales with a purity of iron ore 52 fe to iron ore 62 fe, as FOB Bandar Abbas in Iran, are exported to China in a iron ore fines type with a tonnage of 50,000 tons.

Magnetite and hematite iron ore exports (from both types iron ore fines and iron ore lumps) from Iran to several countries where China is the most important because of the high volume of its purchases.

Iran iron ore fob price

Magnetite iron ore is determined by several factors. The first is, as you know, the percentage of Fe purity found in the rock. The purity percentage for fines and lumps iron ore is estimated to be between 52% and 62%. Of course, iron ore prices may fluctuate at different times. According to market conditions, the price of iron ore for each grade is announced. This price is the price of ex-work iron ore.
The other item to be considered in the price estimate is related to the cost spent side by side to ship the product to the ship’s deck in the port. These costs include shipping, loading and unloading costs, clearance costs, and the costs of inspection and issuance of a certificate of affiliation.

Hematite iron ore sales

Hematite iron ore is also flourishing as Iran’s export iron ore to China and several other countries. This mineral, like magnetite iron ore, has a purity of about 52 to 62 fines iron ore percent. Of course, if we want to compare the hematite iron ore price for the price of magnetite iron ore sales for a certain purity, then the price of magnetite iron ore sales is often higher than that of hematite.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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