lump iron ore price today

The lump iron ore price based on its mineral type, namely hematite or magnetite, is also determined by the percentage of iron found in iron ore. Of course, the cost of customs and transportation in the case of iron ore exports should also be estimated.

The lump iron ore price is different for both magnetite and hematite. Magnetite lump iron ore has a higher dollar value than hematite. The calefactory of the reaction of magnetite to hematite and then the reduction of iron oxide is the reason for this. Therefore, it is necessary to report the price of the Iron Ore, mineral type alongside the price.

Iron ore price today

The second issue concerns the percentage of iron found in Iron Ore. The lump iron ore price for a Fe total higher percentage is definitely higher. The Fe total percentage is often in the range of 54 to 62 percent. The higher the number is, the higher the percentage of iron and the more valuable it is. Of course, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the type of iron oxide (meaning mineral type) is also effective in determining the value and lump iron ore price.
As you can see, the details and product analysis, along with the price, we require during the delivery of the lump iron ore price. Your requested quality is a subject that the seller asks before the price announcement. And according to it, it determines and announces the price.

Iron ore exports

If the buyer wants to export the iron ore, then, along with the ex-work price, the final price of the delivery of the fob product is to be checked and made out by one of the ports of the country of origin or cfr of the destination country.

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