iron ore price today per ton

The latest global iron ore price today indicate continued growth over the past two weeks. We saw a 28 percent increase in the price of iron ore and 5.6 percent iron iron concentrate price for the third week of December 2018.

On the third week of December 2018, steel prices in the Chinese Tianjin rose to an estimated 0.3 percent, triggering favorable conditions for Dalian iron ore to rise to 1.55 percent. The price of iron ore price today is also upside by the week on the uptrend in the hedland iron ore exports for the second consecutive month. Of course, news about production restrictions in some Chinese cities, including Tangshan, has been triggered by the growth of 67% iron ore concentrate prices and iron pellets. The change in price indices on Monday, the third week of December 2018, showed an increase of 3.4% for iron ore at 58%.

Tangshan billet price

The Belt Tangshan price increase in the first two weeks of December 2018 helped stabilize the price of iron ore at higher levels. The important issue we heard this week about was the Chinese government’s confrontation in Shandong Province with the recession and the abolition of restrictions on the purchase of housing. This is an incentive to increase the demand for commodity purchases caused by increased construction. The market for the world’s mining chain market showed an increase in the price index for iron ore and concentrates in the final days of December 3rd.

On December 20, 2018, iron ore price today rose by 62%, about 4.5%. In fact, on Thursday, we saw an increase in demand for purchases by investors for the purchase of second-half shipments of 2019. Today, on Thursday, December 20, 2018, we saw an increase of more than $ 3 for iron ore.

This increase was due to the low inventory of iron ore in Chinese ports, and, at the same time, to the limitations imposed by the one-hundred-percent suspension of agglomerate units on Chinese steelmakers, which has led to a rise in prices for billet and slab. Investors have increased demand for 65% iron ore. Reports indicate that investors’ rows of futures contracts are scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Fob iron ore price

Of course, the good news for the steel industry in Iran is to raise the price of Iranian iron ore exports with the continuation of iron ore prices in China’s ports. December 21 saw an increase in iron ore prices by about $ 1.5, a total of 28 percent per day growth for 54 percent of magnetite iron ore. The 66 percent iron ore price index showed an increase of 5.3 percent per week . Of course, the global iron ore price, along with the shift in shipping prices from Iran to other parts of the world, simultaneously affects the price of Iranian iron ore exports or Iran’s exports of steel. You can see the weekly change reported in the table below.

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