lump iron ore price today

The lump iron ore price today, which is used as a mineral for charging high furnaces and converters, is determined by its mineral grade and its iron purity. magnetite lump iron ore price today is often higher than the hematite.

The iron ore sales as we have mentioned is used as a mineral for use in the process of melting furnace and converter. As you know, iron ore has a total of two categories in terms of stone size.

  • Iron ore lumps
  • Iron ore fines

Buy iron ore with a grain size in the range of zero to ten mm as iron ore fines were carried out. The iron ore with size 10 to 30 mm as lumps iron ore sold.

Lump iron ore 62 fe price

In determining the lump iron ore price today, one of the most important issues to be considered is the percentage of iron Fe. This topic is referred to as iron ore grade. The percentage of Fe in lump iron ore is often in the range of 52 to 63 percent. In the case of fine iron ore, the percentage of purity is in the same range. This parameter is very important and it is very important to determine the lump iron ore price today.

Sales of lump iron ore magnetite

Mineral type is another important factor that is considered in the sale of iron ore fines or iron ore lumps. The most important minerals used in steel making are magnetite and hematite. The most important minerals used in steel making are magnetite and hematite. Iron ore fines price and also the lump iron ore price today are listed for both types of magnetite and hematite in the global sale of iron ore.

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