price of iron ore fines 62 fe – cfr china port

The price of iron ore fines 62 fe – cfr china port is sometimes increasing by increasing demand for this quality. Increasing the demand for iron ore is a high purity gradient, following the intensification of restrictions on Chinese steelmakers to control the entry of pollutants into the air.

62 fines Iron ore prices may fluctuate due to global market conditions, especially the Chinese market, which is one of the most important iron ore buyers in the world. This price change is sometimes incremental and sometimes decreasing. The reasons for changing the price of iron ore in China are briefly described below.

Iron ore prices in china today

The most important factor affecting the production of Chinese steelmakers is the following:

  • The demand for steel purchased from the consumer market. The demand for steel purchased by the consumer market in some seasons such as winter is decreasing. Therefore, manufacturers will produce according to this order volume. So the demand for iron ore may also change.
  • The steelmaker’s profit margin, which may decrease or increase with the price of steel and iron ore.
  • Limitations imposed by local governments on steel makers. Production restrictions aim to reduce the entry of air pollutants. This limitation has the effect of shifting iron ore buyers to full or low grade iron ore. Exacerbation of restrictions will result in the high purity of iron ore and thus increase the price of iron ore fines 62 fe – cfr china port.

Iron ore price china 62

On January 4, 2019, the demand for iron ore has increased, with a cut in production cut by the Chinese government. Therefore, on January 4, 2019, the price increase of iron ore is increasing. An increase in prices for all three types of iron ore is observed. The price of iron concentrate, the price of iron pellets, as well as the granulated iron ore price. All three incremental changes are in this interval.

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