latest price of iron ore

The latest price of iron ore news today, with market analysis based on recent events in the steel industry, is in this article. The global iron ore price 58 fe for 1 March 2019 was $ 67.97, up 12.1% last week. The iron ore pellets price today and the price of iron ore concentrate can also be found at the bottom of the article.

As we pointed out in the previous article “iron ore price march 2019“, we saw the trend of rising prices for raw materials as well as the final steel industry in February 2019. This article follows the preceding article and is complemented by the presentation of the latest news on latest price of iron ore.

Iron ore prices analysis

The price of iron ore in China is a slow recovery market after the recent months. We saw a decline in iron ore prices in China by about 0.3% for February 27th. Although traders resist price drops. An example of the latest deals can confirm this. A hundred thousand tons of iron ore with a 62% grade, belonging to the Pilbara mines, for the next two months, March and April 2019, has been traded with Premium + $ 1.65 and + 1.9 $, respectively. This suggests a lack of iron ore supply in the market for recent months, while China’s steel production is on track.

China iron ore market latest news

What we’ve seen recently is a fall in the credit rating of the Brazilian company as one of the largest iron ore suppliers in the world from BAA3 to BA1 in the Moody Validation List. At the same time, the safety and limitation of the use of waste dump in Brazil has been made public for final approval at the Mine Commission.

World steel association report 2019

The latest report by the World Steel Association, which relates to the production of global steel production in January 2019, has recently been presented. A summary of this report, along with the growing trend of sponge iron production in Iran, please read in the following article.

Article: Iran Sponge Iron

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