iron ore platts price today – Iron Ore 62% Fe

Iron ore Platts price today is often the benchmark for global transactions between traders. The standard difference for the analysis of iron ore is also based on the penalties and the premia included therein.

Iron ore platts index

The Platts site contains articles about the latest prices and global market conditions for the steel and related products industry, such as coal and ferroalloys. The announced price, along with market analysis and the reasons for fluctuations caused by the latest prices, is the basis for most traders trading in the international market and, of course, planning for purchases and pre-sales.

Platts iron ore 62 fe index

iron ore platts price today, along with a detailed analysis of the product. Therefore, if there is a difference in analysis between the product of a supplier of purity of iron ore specified in the platts, the price reduction or increase will be changed precisely according to the details recorded in the platts regarding penalties and premia.

Latest iron ore spot price

The last change in the iron ore prices chart, for Iron Ore 62% Fe, is +0.8 for April 13, 2019. Which stands at a level of $ 95.8 per tonne for a change. This price is iron ore price 62 cfr china. Iron ore price 58 fe has also grown at 1.15% and stands at a price of $ 87.6 per 1.5% alumina. Iron ore spot price 65 fe has also been shipped at $ 110.65 by the Chinese cfr with a 3.5% swing.

price of iron ore pellets vs fines


Magnetite iron ore price per ton

The price per ton of high-grade magnetite iron ore for the fine-grained type in the previous section. Iran’s domestic prices have been affected by recent fluctuations in the global market and have experienced a bullish trend. You can read the latest domestic prices in the following section.

Umetal iron ore price

The iron ore price of 62 percent of the magnetite delivered to the fob ports of Iran is $ 61.7 for April 17, 2019. Iron Ore 62% Fe is 58.2. Iron ore price 58 fe is also announced at 52.8. The latest changes on Monday April 15th have seen an increase of $ 3 in iron ore concentrate and $ 1 in iron ore prices.

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