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The benchmark for determining the purchase price and the iron ore pellets sell in addition to the pellet analysis and its specifications, market conditions. Reducing supply on the market for any reason while the demand for it is high, fluctuating due to rising price of iron pellets will be. In this article, first, a brief reference is made to the latest market conditions, and then we will consider the most important criteria for determining the price of iron ore pellets per ton.

Iron ore pellet price history

A decline of -80 million tonnes of world wide iron ore exports by country in the first three months of 2019. It’s has led to a positive price fluctuation in the face of high market demand. By reducing this supply, which is about -7%, we see the lowest inventory levels available over the last five years (from 2014). This decline has been followed by a reduction in exports of three major iron ore exporting companies. Namely Vale, Brazil, Rio Tinto and bhp. Australia dropped -6% in iron ore exports over the past three months. And Brazil had -9% drop in exports this quarter. Recently, however, China’s steelmakers demanded to buy iron ore pellets for storage prior to the April 5-7 festival holidays, which has exacerbated rising prices.

Iron ore concentrate vs. Pellets

The most important parameters in determining the price of iron ore concentrate vs. pellets is its analysis that shows the Fe purity of the product, the percentage of harmful elements and impurities, including phosphorus, sulfur, alumina and silica, as well as the physical characteristics of the pellets, such as the size of the iron pellets. Of course, as we mentioned earlier, for a certain quality of product, the price of a iron ore pellets sell may fluctuate during each year. This is due to the changing market conditions for iron ore.

The iron ore concentrate price per tonne is determined by the quality and product specifications, as well as the market conditions. The analysis of the iron pellets and iron concentrate available from the Simurgh iron and steel company is presented below.

Iron ore pellets price today

The latest announced price for these two products is at its highest level in the last 6 weeks. The price of iron ore pellets sell with a purity of 65% is equal to USD 126.27. The delivery of cfr Qingdao to China has been announced. The fluctuations and changes of the recent global market also affect the iran iron ore pellets price. And show weekly positive fluctuations on iron ore prices. Also iron concentrate prices and iron ore pellets price per ton. Prices is delivered to Bandar Abbas FOB this week (April 2nd, 2013). To know the price of the day, please go to the “iron ore price” page.

Iron ore pellets for sale

An analysis of iron ore pellets before the buy iron pellets is definitely required. You can check the analysis of iron ore pellets of Simorgh Iron and Steel Company below.

Iron ore pellet specifications

iran iron ore pellets price cfr


The iron concentrate analysis is also below. Note that the final price of iron or concentrate sold depends on the purchase conditions of each customer. The price announced on the day prices page is the primary criterion. To determine the final price according to your purchase conditions, you can contact us. Contact with the sales department of the company or directly with the company’s commercial manager.


Iron ore pellets for sale

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