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Magnetite iron ore for sale with grains of 0-10 about 90%, and purity of 60-61% in dry condition, is carried out by Sirmurgh Iron and Steel Company. Fortunately, the percentage of impurities in alumina, silica and phosphorus is low. The tonnage is 30 thousand tons monthly. Please see the supply details below.

Magnetite iron ore sales

The supply of iron ore for sale in global markets is possible with a low percentage of impurities. Iron ore for sale with a purity of 52, 54, 56, 58, as well as 60-62%. Here is an analysis of the existing magnetite iron ore from the iron and steel company Simorgh. Sgs analysis is also part of the load in the same announcement.

sgx iron ore cfr china (62 fe fines) swap

Magnetite iron ore sales

Test Method Result (Wt%) Element
ISO 9507/2597-1 60.23 Fe Total
ISO 4688-1 / ISO 6830 0.26 Al2O3
ISO 4689 0.11 S
ISO 4687-1 <0.01 P
ISO 2598-1 5.53 SiO2
ISO 10203 2.38 CaO
ISO 13312 0.01 K2O
ISO 10204 4.18 MgO
ISO 9682-1 0.05 MnO
ISO 13313 0.01 Na2O
ISO 4691 0.03 TiO2
ISO 9035 21.03 FeO

Iran iron ore export

Iranian iron ore exports are high and significant. A survey of the Customs Department of the Islamic Republic of Iran shows the export of several million tons of iron ore per year from the ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam, Chabahar and …. The main destination for Iranian iron ore exports is China. As you know, China is the world’s largest importer of iron ore, which imports a significant amount of product from Brazil and Australia each year and a percentage of its demand from Iran.

Along with China, according to statistics, we can identify countries such as Iraq, Oman, UAE, Belgium, Russia, Turkmenistan, the Central African Republic and … amongst the iron ore customers in Iran.

Iron ore exporters

As you know, there are fluctuations in the global iron ore market. Which comes from the supply and demand of large markets such as Brazil, Australia and China. Iron ore exporter should be aware of the day’s market news so that it can offer the best deals to its buyers.

In some periods of the year, according to the restrictive rules for Chinese steelmakers with a view to reducing air pollutants, the demand for high-grade iron ore and, in some cases, the demand for iron ore with a medium or low grade increase. Paying attention to market demand can be a guide for the exporter to sell iron ore for export.

Iron ore price per ton

The iron ore price per ton in the latest changes is showing an increasing trend. Leakage + 3.75% iron ore price china dalian on the first working day of the second week of April 2019. In fact, given the removal of China’s winter production constraint last week, we are witnessing an increase in demand for Chinese steelmakers, which has been driving prices.

Iron ore price chart

Iron ore price chart shows the rise in prices since the beginning of 2019. The main reason behind the rising prices is the decline in exports from Brazil and Australia, which has been thoroughly analyzed in previous papers (Iron ore prices). Recently, the increase in demand for Chinese steelmakers has pushed up the rising prices.

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