iron ore concentrate price per ton 2019

Iron ore concentrate price per ton is instantly announced by reputable magazines such as Simurgh Iron and Steel Magazine, Platts magazine, or Metal Bulletin. The fluctuations created at each time interval are different because they are often analyzed in conjunction with the day’s price announcement.


Iron ore prices today

Get the latest iron ore news from Iron and Steel Co. Simorgh Company. The latest news shows the momentum swing of iron ore is positive. The three main reasons for the upside trend are as follows:

  1. Reduction in Brazilian iron ore exports as a result of the breakthrough in the Brazilian Minas Gerais mines dam also along with the sharpening of recent safety restrictions on other Brazilian mines. Minas Gerais province accounted for more than 55% of Brazilian iron ore exports in recent years.
  2. Reduce Australian iron ore exports from the Veronica storm. Australia and Brazil are the largest iron ore exporters in the world. The second and third largest iron ore exporting companies in the world are Rio Tinto and Bhp, located in Australia.
  3. Also the third case, which has left its impact on the price of iron ore, the price per ton of pellets and the price of iron concentrate, has led to a sharp rise in recent bullish fluctuations, an increase in purchase orders from Chinese steelmakers, aimed at storing holiday festivals.

The iron ore concentrate price per ton in the world market will be highlighted next.

Current market price of iron ore concentrate

The iron ore concentrate price per ton in the latest changes in the first week of April 2019, with a 7.6 percent increase for iron ore concentrate. It is now trading on April 5, 2019 at a price of 104.12 dollars Cfr in China’s ports. Also iron ore price 62 Fe are traded at seven percent, about $ 92.9 per ton in Qingdao, China.

Iran iron ore fob price

The result of the global iron ore prices increase has been positive on the Iran iron ore fob price. Iran iron ore fob price experienced significant growth last week. The price growth rate was announced from 7.7% to 20.3% for various grades of iron ore and concentrate, which was announced in the previous article. The link to the article is placed below.

Article link: Iron ore price

The price of iron ore for supplying domestic companies will also be made available to our loved ones within the next few days, with the reopening of the factories and the stock after the Nowruz holiday.

Iron ore concentrate plant

The iron ore concentrate plant, based on the current market price of iron ore concentrate, offers. We are prepared to provide up to 80,000 monthly tons of funds by April 2019. If we increase the supply and production capacity of the plant, we will inform the loved ones accordingly.

Iron ore concentrate for sale

Sales of iron concentrate are carried out at the factory or sales office in Tehran. We are ready to accept the customer at the factory after visiting and evaluating the quality. In the initial stages of work, the buyer needs to receive the analysis of iron concentrate. And the initial negotiation of the price. Also the delivery method and delivery time, as well as the payment method with the business management company. An initial agreement on the pre-contract clauses by the parties will be very helpful before any steps in the first phase.

Iran concentrate iron ore sales

Sales of iron ore concentrate with a purity of 65% to 69% are made to pelletizing factories for the production of iron ore pellets for melting units as well as regeneration units for the production of sponge iron. Iran iron Concentrate with a purity of 67% below 70 micron is currently ready for sale. The offered grades for the sale of iron ore concentrate in the global index are often three concentrations of iron 67%, iron concentrate 66%, iron concentrate 65%. Although grades above 67% range from 67% to 69%, they are also in demand.

Sales iron ore concentrate 67% Fe and higher grade

Fortunately, iron ore grade is high in some regions of our country iran, it has also made it possible to concentrate iron ore with a purity higher than 67 percent. The concentrate of iron ore, which is currently ready for sale by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company, is about 68.48%, which can be seen in the following. Of course, two other types are also ready for sale, which is analyzed below.

Sales iron ore concentrate 67% Fe and higher grade

Iron ore concentrate plant

A large number of iron ore concentrate plants are operating in Iran. The existence of iron mines and, thankfully, equipping with up-to-date equipment, the annual production conditions have provided several million tons of grounded iron ore, as well as iron concentrate, for ore-making units in mines. Currently, iron ore concentrate plants are being processed in different parts of our country such as Kerman, Khorasan, Yazd, Zanjan, Kurdistan and others.

Iron ore concentrate plant

Of course, in some areas, unfortunately, mines have not been fully equipped. Therefore, these ore minerals are offered with lower purity without complete processing. Among the mines in the city of Zanjan, because of the defect or lack of processing equipment, the product is often presented in raw forms. However, recently, fortunately, some mines have started to equip units and start concentrating production, and at present, iron ore concentrate is also available from the supply of granulated iron ore.

But the question is: do domestic steel units use this amount of iron ore and iron ore concentrate? In other words, we can say, where are the target centers for the purchase and consumption of iron ore concentrate?

Sell iron ore concentrate in Iran

Due to the very active activity of pelletizing units as well as steel factories in our country, a significant percentage of the concentrate of iron ore produced after the conversion into iron ore pellets or sponge iron is used by domestic steel mills. Factories such as Mobarakeh Steel, Isfahan Steel, Sangan, Gol Gohar Steel Co., and … Due to active subsidiaries of steel making, they use a significant percentage of their upstream production in their domestic chain.

But these amounts are not equal to the amount of iron ore concentrate produced. Here is a subject. And it exports and supplies the product in the foreign market.

Export of iron ore concentrate

Iron ore annually is sent to other countries in the form of iron ore, iron ore concentrate, as well as iron ore pellets in a volume of several million tonnes. Many countries are the target markets for Iranian iron ore exports. The most important is the country of China. The highest amount of Iranian iron ore exports to China is exported. Other countries include India, Kuwait, Turkey, the Russian Federation, Iraq, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the Central African Republic, Turkmenistan.

Export of iron ore concentrate


In this section, we announce a level of exports of Iran iron ore concentrate to China in 2018. Exports have been reported to be in excess of five million and 300 tons this year. India, as the second largest importer of Iran iron ore concentrate, has imported more than 100,000 tons of iron ore concentrate from Iran. The countries of Kuwait, Turkey and the Netherlands are other buyers of iron ore concentrate from Iran, the names of which are listed in the list of export destinations of the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce.

Export of iron ore concentrate

The ports of the most southern ports of our country are considering the fact that the highest amount of exports to China is carried out. The largest share is Shahid Rajaee Port and special area of mines and metals. Other ports include the special petrochemical area, Imam Khomeini Port, Bushehr Special Zone 1, Rafsanjan Special Economic Zone. Also, sending iron concentrate to the Netherlands in the amount of one ton as an example through the Imam airport, which was registered on the chamber table.

Concentrate iron ore price today

In determining the price of Iron Ore Concentrate, FOB delivery based on global rates and shipping costs is currently estimated (May, 2019) of about $ 31.5 when shipped with bulk vessels. . Of course, as you know, due to fluctuations in world market conditions, the price of iron ore concentrates or other prices of iron ore, pellets and granulated stones, is constantly fluctuating.

Increasing demand, especially if accompanied by a drop in supply, will lead to an incremental fluctuation. What we are seeing now. And now the prices are at the peak of recent iron ore prices.

Concentrate iron ore price today

Concentrate iron ore prices chart

At present, the price of iron ore with a purity of 62% is more than $ 101. The price of iron ore concentrate is also limited to $ 110. (Today is May 21, 2019) For information on the prices of the day, please refer to the page (iron ore price list).


Shipping C. W. Change D. Change CFR China FOB BND Spec Purity Products
29.0$ 13.2% 2.0$ 84.6$ 55.6$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 60% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 17.3% 2.0$ 76.5 47.5$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 55% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 12.8% 2.0$ 86.1$ 57.1$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 61% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 12.2% 2.0$ 88.8$ 59.8$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 62% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 16.4% 2.0$ 75.2$ 46.2$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 56% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 15.6% 2.0$ 77.1$ 48.1$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 57% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 14.2% 2.0$ 79.4$ 50.4$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 58% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 13.9% 2.0$ 86.2$ 57.2$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 60% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 14.8% 2.0$ 81.2$ 52.2$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 59% Iranian hematite fines
29.0$ 13.4% 2.0$ 88.2$ 59.2$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 61% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 13.0% 2.0$ 89.7$ 60.7$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 62% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 17.7% 2.0$ 75.5$ 46.5$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 54% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 16.7% 2.0$ 77.9$ 48.9$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 56% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 16.1% 2.0$ 79.6$ 50.6$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 57% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 15.4% 2.0$ 81.6$ 52.6$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 58% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 14.8% 2.0$ 83.2$ 54.2$ 6%Si,2%Al,0.2%P,0.2%S 59% Iranian magnetite fines
29.0$ 6.4% 2.0$ 107.8$ 78.8$ 0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture 67% Iranian concentrates
29.0$ 6.5% 2.0$ 106.5$ 77.5$ 0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture 66% Iranian concentrates
29.0$ 6.6% 2.0$ 105.4$ 76.4$ 0.1%P, 0.2%S,6%Moisture 65% Iranian concentrates

Iran iron ore concentrate

Zanjan Iron Concentrate As we said, it comes as a high purity concentrate. Because its fe total is estimated to be over 67%.

Iran iron ore concentrate

Iron ore futers

Regarding the conditions of the three largest iron ore exporting companies that are Vale Brazilian companies, Australia’s Rio Tinto Corporation and Australia’s bhp corporation, the likelihood of the continued upside of iron ore remains. Unless large Australian exporters can offset the shortage of products in the market by improving the supply of iron ore.
The Brazilian company Vale has recently discussed the possibility of breaking the Gongo Soco Garbage Dump. This stimulated the market. Causing a rebound in prices. On the other hand, China’s market demand is high despite rising prices. China’s warehouse inventories continue to dwindle.

Continuing this trend will intensify the fluctuation of prices and increase the price of iron ore.

Scrap iron prices and steel price

Along with rising iron ore prices, iron ore prices and steel products have risen. The spring and summer seasons are two important seasons in construction. The construction boom in these seasons will increase demand for primary materials such as steel. So, we know that we will not be reducing demand by the end of this season. Except in certain circumstances, with the interference of governments and the establishment of laws.

Especially in countries like China which have the most significant impact on the global steel market. It is the largest importer of iron ore, the largest steel producer, and the largest consumer of steel products, and of course, the exporters of all types of steel products in international markets.

Simurgh Iron and Steel Company

In the first picture presented in this article, you have considered the grades of concentrate of iron ore that are ready for delivery by the iron and steel company Simorgh. (For a double review please return to the beginning of the article. You can click on the photo link to see the exact analysis.). As you can see, the current supplyable products in the three analyzes are 65%, 67%, and the high grade, that is, the concentrate of iron with a purity of more than 68%. Tonnage and supply capacity in different times throughout the year may vary with respect to our customers’ other obligations. Therefore, in order to inquire accurately the inventory through the communication paths placed at the end of the article or contact page on the site, contact the sales department of the company or sales engineer Ms. Nematzade.

At present, the available products for the sale of iron ore concentrate include three concentrations of iron Zanjan, Kurdistan and Khorasan. You can use the following communication paths to contact us for the analysis and price of each day and ordering the order. You can also contact us through the following communication routes to find out the inventory of iron ore, sponge iron and middle products of the steel industry, such as ingots, slabs and steel billets, which are located in the middle of the iron and steel company Simorgh.

You can contact us to buy and sell this product:

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