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Iron Ore Concentrate

Inventory and Iron Ore Concentrate Prices: (inventory list and updated price)

ConcentrateAnalysis / %FeInventoryUpdated price
Iron ore Concentrate 68.48%Totally 70 thousand tons monthlyPleas contact us.
Iron ore Concentrate 67%Totally 70 thousand tons monthlyPleas contact us.
Iron ore Concentrate 65.84%Totally 70 thousand tons monthlyPleas contact us.


What is Iron Ore Concentrate?

Due to the low purity of iron in deposits, after extraction of iron ore, the process of concentrating increases the purity of iron ore. Iron ore concentrate is a mineral ore product. The process of concentrating from several stages involves crushing, milling, purifying and de-watering. Each step is briefly described in the following text.

1) Crushing stage, the first stage of concentration

The material and the initial product of this section are iron ore deposits in the range from 20 to 25 cm to 100 cm. At this stage, the iron ore crushing process is carried out in giratory or general crusher, and secondly in a cone crusher. The product obtained from this step is a mineral in dimensions smaller than 30 mm.

2) Milling, second stage concentrating

The milling process is aimed at reducing the size of minerals to below 30 mm. This process is a damp process. The self-breaker and semi-self-breaker mills, and in the next step, the size of the seeds reaches about 0.5 to 1 mm, is used for ball mills.

3) Purification, third stage concentrating

In this section, valuable seeds with a high degree of iron are separated from the waste products. This process is performed in different steps, including wet magnetic separation and, if necessary, flotation. The flotation process is based on the physical and chemical properties of the materials. The process of magnetism and magnetic fluctuation are carried out in aqueous and wet environments. Therefore, the extracted iron ore is thinner and it is necessary that the de-watering step is performed on the product to achieve a moisture content below 10%.

4) Dehydration, stage four concentrating

To reduce the concentrate’s humidity, and in fact to filter, the filter is used. Thus concentrate with a moisture content of about 9 to 10 percent is transferred to the warehouse for decomposition. Iron concentrate fines are not directly usable. Not in a blast furnace and direct reduction not. How is iron concentrate used? In fact, iron concentrate is the primary material of the pelletizing unit.

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