iron ore concentrate market price

The iron ore concentrate market price is announced in the price list for 67, 66 and 65 percent three quarters. Of course, the supply of iron concentrate is often up to 69, or below 65%, with bonuses or penalties for each percentage change in purity. 

In this article, we briefly describe the process of iron ore concentrate processing. Then we will examine the conditions of the market for iron ore concentrate and the price situation. The most important factors affecting the current fluctuation of prices are also fully explained.

Iron ore concentrate production process

Iron ore concentrate is purified iron ore has been mined by physical methods, flotations and sometimes magnetic. Its impurities have been eliminated as far as possible. The direct use of iron concentrate in a melting unit does not exist, so the product is first converted into a iron ore pellet and then used. For arc and induction furnaces, it is also necessary to recycle the process (direct reduction) on the pellet to find its usability. In fact, the most important consumer centers of iron ore concentrate are pelletizing units.
The above video shows the steps involved in the transfer and preparation of iron ore concentrate for the production of iron ore pellets. The largest amount of iron ore concentrate produced in the world is used in pelletizing units. Chadermouli Industrial and Mine Co. is one of the largest processing units of iron ore pellets and iron concentrate in Iran. In this video, the process of production and preparation of condensed matter in the pelleting unit of the factory is observed.

The following is a brief description of the product obtained from the direct reduction of iron ore pellets ie sponge iron. Then we will return to the main subject of our article, Iron Ore Concentrate.

Sponge iron dri

Sponge iron ore direct reduction iron (dri) as we briefly mentioned in the above section, are recovered iron ore pellets. During the direct reduction process, non-melted iron ore is reduced, and its total purity of iron (Fe total) is increased. This process can be done in a variety of ways, the most important of which is the Midrex process. Of course in Iran, in addition to the Midrex process, another new method is used to produce sponge iron. This process is known as the “perred”.

The perred stands for persian reduction. This technology and method is entirely Iranian and is therefore called by this name. It is now industrialized and used by some of the most important manufacturers of sponge iron, this method is used to produce sponge iron.

Sponge iron dri sale

The production of sponge iron is aimed at creating the ability to use iron ore for use in induction and arc furnaces. Iron ore and iron ore are not suitable for use in this type of furnace. To prepare for use in these furnaces, the process of direct reduction and production of sponge iron is carried out.

The number of steel mills currently operating with induction and arc furnaces is high in Iran. The reason for the development and increase of these factories is the rich gas resources available in Iran.
As we know, the long furnace works with coke. But the fuel for induction and electric arc furnaces is gas.

Fortunately, with the development and increase of sponge iron production as well as the development of factories equipped with arc furnace and induction furnaces, Iran’s steel industry needs to be eliminated to this product. Even now, Iran is among the largest producers of this product and its main exporter in the world.

Sponge iron export from Iran

According to statistics released by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian sponge iron articles are being sold to several countries whose neighbors and Gulf countries are the most important. Including Iraq, Turkey, Oman, Kuwait, India, China and … are among the most important importers of Iranian sponge iron.

The exact figures for the annual exports of sponge iron and other products from the upstream of steel are available from its previous papers and the Simorgh Steel, and, of course, from sources such as the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Let’s go back to the main issue of the article, the market and the price of iron ore concentrate. Iran, fortunately, has a very good position in the steel industry in the world.

Iron ore pellets export to china

In the export sector, there is also a large volume of iron ore exports in addition to iron ore types and iron concentrate in the form of iron ore pellets. Exports of iron ore in iron ore pellets form can add more value to our steel industry for both producers and exporters. The following table shows the annual exports (as of 2018) published by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

Iron ore pellets export to china


The export targets of this upstream steel product are the same as those of iron and iron ore concentrate, China, India and a number of other countries, as shown in the table. We can still introduce China as the largest buyer of iron ore pellets in the world according to statistics.

Of course, other units other than the steel industry can be used that use this product in massive volumes. The most important buyers of iron ore pellets in the world market are China, Iraq and Oman. The most important buyer in China is the annual volume of purchases. Iraq is in the second place. And the third place belongs to Oman. The statistics are based on data recorded on the official website of the Chamber of Commerce of Tehran.

Sell iron ore concentrate in the steel industry and other industries

  • Iron ore concentrate is also used as an additive to soil.
  • Or in the gold mining industry, iron concentrate is also used in the processing process.
  • And ….

Of course, volumes and tonnage of demand are often much lower than units that require this product for non-steel uses. Perhaps the purchase of a single-unit car is enough for about 25 tons or up to a monthly maximum of 100 tons for these units. But in the steel industry, the volume of consumption is very high. For this reason, iron ore concentrate sales in the steel industry are on the border of several thousand tons, and in the export sector, it often spans several hundred thousand tons, reaching a total of one million tons.

Iron ore prices 2019

The hematite or magnetite iron ore price per ton, as well as the price of iron ore pellets per ton and iron ore concentrate market price, precisely on this basis, namely, a penalty or reward with a change in the purity or volatility of the percentage of harmful elements such as alumina, silica, sulfur and phosphorus. To make The following sample survey can provide you with comprehensive information about this.

Iron ore prices 2019

Iron ore concentrate plant

Iron ore concentrate plant In the first step, the proposed analysis of the extracted and processed mines is presented. But considering the possibility of a small amount of oscillation and purity in the concentrate produced, the seller will consider the possibility of fluctuations and penalties and the related rewards and inform the buyer. This is a common practice in iron ore trading companies.

Iron concentrate price

The latest fluctuations in iron ore concentrate rates suggest a rise in prices. We are currently on April 9, 2019. In the first three months of this year, the trend of price changes has been increasing. The price of iron ore concentrate with a purity of 67%, at the latest April 5th price, is 104.12 delivered to the Qingdao port of China.

Iron ore price increase

An increase in the price of iron ore in the first days of the second week of April 2019 continues. Yesterday on Monday, April 8, 2019 we had a price increase of 2.6%. The price of iron ore with a purity of 62% reached $ 95.3. The forecast for the price of iron ore to $ 100 is today for Tuesday, April 9th, due to the fact that the price index on the Dalian stock exchange is on the rise.

Iron ore price increase

Delays in the delivery of iron ore from Australia, coupled with the drop in Brazil’s exports, are two of the worries. We are currently on April 9, 2019, while Rio Tinto and bhp companies Australian shipments of iron ore have not yet arrived in China. This is a factor exacerbating the rise in prices in China.

Iron ore pellet price today

The latest price per ton of iron pellets has been announced on April 5, 2019, standing at $ 126.13. The increasing volatility of iron ore prices may also increase the price of iron pellets.

Iran iron ore fob price

Iran iron ore fob price also for iron ore 62 fe price, iron ore pellets 65 Fe also iron ore concentrate market price to FOB ports of Iran, you can see below.

  • Iron ore 62 fe price Iran’s fob delivery is $ 58.7.
  • Iron ore concentrate market price 67 Fe percent, is equivalent to $ 76.5.
  • The price of iron pellets 65 percent, is 85.4 dollars.

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[highlight color=”yellow”]We want to update the article for May 30, 2019. We also analyze the current market conditions.[/highlight]

An increase in iron ore prices in May 2019

The main reasons for the fluctuation of prices and the continued rise in prices since the beginning of 2019 are analyzed below. There are three main reasons. Each of them has been raised separately. And we have fully explained each of them.

  1. The main reason behind the increase in the price of iron ore and its persistence was the reduction in the supply of iron ore by the largest producer and exporter of this product, Vale, Brazil. The reduction in the supply of iron ore by Vale, Brazil, was triggered by the breakthrough of the tailings barrage and the subsequent imposition of restrictions on the activities of the company’s mines by the government of Brazil.
  2. At the same time, in recent months, the storm in Australia and the impossibility of sending loads from its ports have led to a drop in supply, resulting in a drop in inventories of Chinese ports. In the aftermath of the incident, the volume of sales and supply from the second and third largest companies operating in the field of iron ore production and exports, such as Rio Tinto and BHP, also declined.
  3. The two above-mentioned events significantly reduced the supply of iron ore, iron ore concentrate and iron pellets. Which subsequently caused the loss of inventory of ports in China, in particular. This is despite the fact that we are in the warm season, the demand for steel due to the construction boom is high in most countries. Therefore, supply reduction was simultaneous with increasing demand. And this is another intensifying factor that has kept prices rising. The price index often shows an uptrend in the Dalian stock exchange.

An increase in iron ore prices in May 2019

Global price increases have had an impact on the price of Iranian iron ore exports. And this has been in the interests of manufacturers, miners and exporters active in the iron and steel industry. Now, despite the high prices of iron ore and iron ore concentrate due to seasonal conditions and being in a period when demand is high due to the construction boom, the purchase of steel products is therefore the upstream products of the industry, which include iron ore and products An intermediate like concentrate, pellet, sponge iron and so on is high.

Iron ore concentrate factory in Iran

Iron ore concentrate processing units are often built alongside active iron ore mines. The number of concentrating units in Iran is high. Due to the dispersion of iron ore deposits in different provinces of our country, concentration units are also distributed in most provinces.
Of course, a number of iron ore mines in some of our provinces, which you can mention in the provinces of Khorasan, Kerman and Yazd, are in the same chains. Concentrating units have been built alongside these chain mines, with capacities exceeding a few million tons.

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