iron ore concentrate exports to china with ISIC code 1310412309

The transaction was made for iron ore concentrate exports to china with a HS code of 26011100 at a price of 75.4 $ / ton for purity of 66% iron on March 8, 2019. This price represents a 2.5 percent increase in the price of Iran iron ore exports price in concentrate form.

Iron ore concentrate, which is reported by the Tehran Chamber of Commerce in the statistics of iron ore concentrate exports, is not made by China alone. Although statistics show that China has the highest purchases of iron ore concentrate from Iran, other countries are also purchasers of Iran’s iron ore concentrate. Such as India, Kuwait and the Netherlands . Iran is one of the few countries exporting iron ore concentrate in the world.

ISIC and HS code of iron ore concentrate

ISIC and hs code of iron ore concentrate is 1310412309 and 26011100, respectively. This product is traded with these identification codes in international markets. Iron ore concentrate is actually an enriched iron ore that has a purity of more than 65-69%. In order to condense and increase the purity of the iron ore, this product is crushed and milling. Iron ore concentrate is actually an enriched iron ore that has a purity of more than 65%. For the concentration and purity of iron ore, this product is crushed and grinding. After passing through these steps, the purification is done. The purification step is done by magnetic or flotation, is offered as iron concentrate. . Iron concentrate is the primary material of pelletizing units production of iron ore pellets.

Current market price of iron ore concentrate

In the purchase of iron ore concentrate and the export of this product, the price of even a few cents is very important. Due to the high tonnage that is traded. So two issues are very important in negotiating and iron ore concentrate sales, product analysis and price. In addition to this, the transportation process will also be negotiated and agreed upon. The transportation process are include physical shipment of cargo and the transfer of credit and ownership of the shipment from the seller to the buyer).

If you plan to buy iron ore concentrate for import, you can contact the following communication channels. The purity of iron concentrate in the Simurgh iron and steel company is 68.48%, 67% and also 65.84%.

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