iran iron ore pellets sales 35000 tons

Iran iron ore pellets sales with a capacity of 35,000 tons and 65% iron purity and Feo up to a maximum of 1 percent. According to the following analysis table, the delivery of FOB Bandar Abbas or China cfr is made by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company. Proposals for long-term contracts under certain conditions that will be announced at the first purchase negotiation meeting, will be reviewed.

Iran iron ore pellets sales due to the lack of supply of iron ore and pellets in the international market, the recent developments, most notably the collapse of the waste dumping company Vale Brazil, have flourished. The iron pellet export boom is very high. But all the exporter, while answering its foreign customers, needs to prioritize the sale in the domestic market. And if they do not request domestic sales, they will iron ore pellets exports. In fact, the protection of domestic steelmakers is crucial for helping employment and production. Considering this important issue, the pre-sale of the product with a long-term contract is in need of further investigation. This request acceptance under certain conditions. These terms are negotiable with our customers.

Of course, with clever performance and management, in addition to supplying the domestic market, we can maintain the export market. Export market of Iran’s steel industry. With the responsiveness and proper supply of our export customers.

Iron ore pellets 65 fe

The iron ore pellet analysis of Simurgh Iron and Steel Co., which is ready for delivery, is shown in the table below. As we announced at the outset, the capacity of supply is thirty-five thousand tons per month. The domestic steel mills can apply for a long-term contract for iron pellets. But will announce the requests of foreign and export customers under certain conditions. These conditions will be reviewed during the first stage of the purchase.

Table 1:    Iron ore pellets  
Min 65% T.Fe
Max 1% FeO
Max 5% Al2O3+SiO2
Max 0.01% P
Ave 0.01% S
Max 1% Moisture
Min 270kg/pellet CCS
Min 96% T index
Max 2% A Index
20-24% Prosity
Min 90% Size 6.3 – 16 mm
Max 8% Size +16 mm
Max 2% Size<6.3 mm

Sale of sponge iron and sponge iron briquette

The sale of dri sponge iron with a purity of 88-92% fe, a percentage of iron metal 93%, with a carbon percentage of 1.5%, is also offered in the tonnage of 20,000 tons per month by Simurgh iron and steel company. Hot briquetted iron with a storage capacity of 40,000 tons is also available. The cold briquettes iron are not available until the end of March 2019 due to the completion of sales capacity. Regarding the long-term contract for sponge iron and briquetted, the conditions are exactly the same as iron ore pellets.

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