iron ore pellet plant in iran

Iran iron ore pellets sales with 65% Fe, in addition to domestic plants, are being marketed worldwide. China has more share of Iran iron ore pellets in the world. Of course, the existence of a tariff on iron ore pellets exports is one of the parameters for controlling the export and supply of domestic steel mills which limits the iron ore pellet plant in iran to exports.

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Iron ore pellets sales with two goals:

  • Use in the furnace and converter as a melt charge
  • Use in direct reduction unit for the production of sponge iron

In fact, this product is used in two ways. Of course, it can be said that ninety percent of the iron ore pellets sales is for direct use in melting, with only 10% being transferred to direct reduction units. Also, in some countries in the world, such as our country, which has less coal resources and easy access to gas resources, the replacement of the use of induction furnaces and arches and the use of sponge iron ore instead of pellets is increasing. Of course, in Iran, a number of furnaces and converters are also active, and iron pellets are used directly for melting in our country. Thus, a percentage of iron ore pellet plant in Iran is used for melting, a percentage of direct reduction and percentage is also exported.

Iron ore pellets exporters

From the list of destinations for the iron ore pellets exports, China can be considered the most important country. In fact, China has the largest share of iran iron ore pellets. Iron ore pellets with the purity of 65% are the most suitable export grade of this product, which is shipped from Chabahar and Bandar Abbas ports to Qingdao ports and … in China.

You can see the iron pellet analysis in iron ore pellet plant in iran under the name of Simurgh iron and steel company. The tonnage available to the company is about fifty thousand tons per month. Product delivery is either fob or cfr based on the buyer’s request. For inquiries about iron pellet price and more information, please contact us.

Table 1:    Iron ore pellets  
Min 65% T.Fe
Max 1% FeO
Max 5% Al2O3+SiO2
Max 0.01% P
Ave 0.01% S
Max 1% Moisture
Min 270kg/pellet CCS
Min 96% T index
Max 2% A Index
20-24% Prosity
Min 90% Size 6.3 – 16 mm
Max 8% Size +16 mm
Max 2% Size<6.3 mm

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