Iran iron ore pellets price cfr

Iran iron ore pellets price Cfr China’s Qingdao Port As China’s Dalian Dalian stock exchange lost its iron ore price over the past week (March 3, 2019), in the index of mineral prices, the downward trend experienced a decline of -2.2%. Iron ore pellets today stand at $ 124.31 per tonne.

Iron ore pellets price index

The iron ore market in the world is on the downside. The incident that occurred the previous week is due to what has happened in Brazil. Getting a license from vale corporation brazil for launching one of its iron ore mines, which experts were unlikely to know for 2019, has led to a downward slope in prices. At the same time, the drop in the price per ton of iron ore concentrate is also indicative of the price of iron ore graded on the global iron ore market.

Iron ore concentrate price

The price per ton of iron ore concentrate with a purity of 66% fell by -2.9% over the past week. Now March 22, 2019, the price of iron concentrate is set at $ 97.63 per tonne

Iran iron ore pellets price in china

Iran iron ore pellets price How to set delivery in FOB Bandar Abbas? World prices of iron ore, the impact on the price of the product in Bandar Abbas?

Iron ore exporters consider the price of iron pellets on the world market. Based on the shipping and insurance costs to the destination, the price of the fob iron ore is announced.  Of course, the price of the rial of products, in addition to the impact of global fluctuations, is also influenced by the fluctuation of the dollar price. The Iran iron ore pellets price fob today is March 23, 2019 for a 65 percent crop of $ 89.4 per tonne.

Iran iron ore pellets buyers

The most important of Iran iron ore pellets buyer, according to export statistics, is China on the global market. Of course, countries such as India, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and … are also on the list of iron ore buyers from Iran. Depending on the destination, the iron pellets will be delivered to one of the ports of Bandar Abbas, or Chabahar Port. Also Bandar Anzali Port. As well as Emam Khomeni port.

list of steel plants in iran

One of the most important iron ore pellets suppliers in Iran, we can introduce various factories and companies such as iron and steel company Simorgh, esfahan steel company, iranian ghadir iron & steel co, arfa iron, ardakan steel complex co and ….

Analysis of iron ore pellets

Analyze the supplied iron pellets can be found in this table. As you can see, the impurities are low in product and the quality is in accordance with international standards. So it’s a good option for export.

iran iron ore pellets price cfr

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