hot briquetted iron suppliers

Many countries in the world supply hot briquetted iron. In general, the Middle East and then the African continent are the largest suppliers of this product. After these regions, the countries of Asia-Pacific supply hot iron briquettes. Finally, it can be said that the lowest supply of hot briquette iron is in Latin America, Mexico and other countries of the world.

hot briquetted iron suppliers

hot briquetted iron process

hot briquetted iron process According to various criteria, including what is hot briquetted iron used for, iron briquetting is done in two ways, hot and cold, depending on the temperature of the iron entering the briquetting machine. To produce soft iron briquettes, it is separated from the reduction section to the steel construction section. After reduction and in the lower part of the furnace, the soft iron is mixed with silicate glue and a small amount of lime, and then this hot briquetted iron composition enters the briquetting machine and is compressed at high temperature and rapid penetration process in this machine. It turns into briquettes. In hot iron briquetting, iron enters the briquetting machine at a much higher temperature than cold briquetting and at a temperature of more than 650 ° C. The hot iron briquetting process is better and safer. Hot iron briquetting also has desirable features, including the fact that in this type of briquetting, the strength of iron is very high and also it is easier to move and store, it has high resistance to oxidation and because it is compact, it takes up less space. Iron briquettes are also good for the environment, because iron ore, which is itself a waste of iron production, is converted to briquettes, and the briquettes are melted and turned into steel ingots.

hot briquetted iron manufacturers

hot briquetted iron manufacturers

Many countries in the world produce hot iron briquettes. Among these countries, India is known as one of the largest producers of hot iron briquettes. After India, Iran is one of the largest producers of hot iron briquettes. In the ranks after India and Iran, Russia and then Saudi Arabia are the producers of hot iron briquettes. Other countries of the world also have a small percentage of the production of this product. In Iran, many cities produce hot briquette iron. It is one of the largest hot iron briquette factories in Bandar Abbas, which produces this product on a large scale, and its export to other countries is very large. This product is also produced in the cities of Isfahan, Zanjan and other cities. In general, the iron and steel industry in different parts of the country, especially in southern regions such as Khuzestan and other cities such as Nain, etc., widely produce this product. Also, in some parts of the country, they are trying to set up production complexes for this product or have recently set up hot briquette iron production centers.

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