The best Rebar manufacturer in 2020

rebar manufacturer 16mm is one of the types of rebars made by manufacturing companies that are supplied to domestic and foreign markets. The daily price of 16mm rebar can be seen on this website and you can buy this type of rebar at a wholesale and cheap price.

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The best Rebar manufacturer in 2020

How strong is rebar?

How strong is rebar? Rebars are made in different diameters. To distinguish 16mm rebar from other types of rebars, care must be taken to consider the rebar dentin. In order to distinguish this type of rebar, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points: In 16mm rebar, dentin is cross-shaped or cross-shaped. 16mm rebar is more fragile. This is done by spraying water or exposing it to the air, which causes the rebar to turn black.

16mm rebar is in the category of semi-rigid rebars. The strength of 16mm rebars is higher than other types of rebars a1, a2. 16mm rebars are used in columns and foundations of buildings. 16mm rebars are unsuitable for forging and deformation. They have uniform spiral dentin, which is the best way to distinguish this type of rebar from other types. Some rebar manufacturers produce types with common dentin specifications that may be difficult for supervising engineers to identify.

Therefore, it is recommended to correctly identify the type of rebar that will cause problems for the structure if the wrong type is used in the structure, which is different in terms of strength, send the rebars to the laboratory to determine their exact type. If 16mm type is used a lot in the structure, the structure will be made of steel, which is against the regulations of the engineering system organization, and if rebar type a2 is used in the structure, the structure will not have the necessary strength. It is necessary.

Manufacturing process of rebar

Manufacturing process of rebar The most important centers of rebar production in our country are important cities such as Isfahan, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Sirjan, and… Different grades of rebar, which are introduced based on the four names of rebar a1, rebar a2, rebar a3, and rebar 16mm, are produced in steel mills and in addition to supplying the domestic market in our country, export to the destinations mentioned above. Be. Our company is ready to offer and export rebar for sale to Iraq and Turkey. We are ready to supply CPT products in each of these countries. To submit your purchase request, you need to send us your official request through one of the following communication channels. Your request will be reviewed as soon as possible and you will be notified of the result.

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