hot briquetted iron plant – direct reduce iron DRI

The hot briquetted iron plant has been developed to reduce the potential problems and risks of sponge iron that is likely to be present during the transport and storage phase. briquettes sponge iron do not have the risk of sponge iron oxidation and ignition.

Sponge iron manufacturing plant

Fortunately, with the establishment of several units and lines of sponge iron production in Iran, its export sales have increased. Iran is now among the largest sponge iron producers in the world alongside India. But success in the export of sponge iron requires attention to the characteristics and risks of sponge iron, which is especially found in exports. Elimination of these risks and defects can be a positive step towards the continuation of Iran’s full presence in the field of sponge iron exports.

Sponge Iron Specification

Sponge iron is a rounded iron ore pellet ball that has been repaired due to its intrinsic properties, and its transportation is a bit difficult. Among the sponge iron specification that produces dangers and problems, we can mention the following:

  • The high percentage of porosity of sponge iron is about 40 to 70 percent
  • The ability to absorb moisture and oxygen significantly
  • Mechanical strength and abrasion resistance

Regarding the specification of the sponge iron shown in the previous section, unfortunately, we are faced with the risks of sponge iron, including the possibility of ignition during transportation or storage. This is especially true in the export of sponge iron, which is being discharged and loaded several times, and the shipping route is also long.

Hot briquetted iron manufacturers

In the sponge iron briquetting process, due to pressing this product, the defects mentioned in the previous step for sponge iron are largely eliminated. Fortunately, the risks are also overcome. Therefore, the export of sponge iron is better in the form of briquettes.

Dri hbi iron ore

Sponge iron briquettes are classified according to the temperature of the input materials into the briquetting machine in the types of briquettes and cold sponge iron briquettes. The production of hot bricks and its exportation to various countries, such as Syria and …, is now being carried out by Iran.

Sponge iron briquette suppliers

When buying a sponge iron briquette, it is imperative that the buyer receives the product analysis from the seller, along with advice on how to use it. Of course, when submitting a purchase request, the type of furnace and equipment used along with its product type can help the installer in proposing a suitable product to him.

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