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Increased production in hot briquetted iron manufacturers also cold briquetted iron manufacturers are increasing due to the lack of risks and the possibility of oxidation during the transportation process. Now a significant part of the sponge iron buy is done in briquetted form.

Iron briquette plant

The production of cold iron briquettes and hot iron briquettes in Iranian hot briquetted iron manufacturers is currently in high tonnage. The production of iron briquettes has a good acceleration, as it will no longer be a concern for the quality of packaging during the transportation and storage phase if the sponge iron suppliers purchase it in briquetted form. Of course, in some cases, the spatial and temporal distances from sponge iron production to the location and time of use are unlikely to be economically justified for the cost of briquetting it. In this case, consumers prefer to sponge iron buy in its general form without briquetting.

Sponge iron bricks are produced in three types:

  • Cold briquettes iron
  • Hot briquetted iron
  • Briquetting iron ore fines

Cold briquette iron

In the cold briquetted iron process, the temperature of the input product of the briquetting machine is equal to the ambient temperature.

Cold briquette iron

Briquetting iron ore fines

Sponge iron briquettes fines are other types of briquettes that are the primary material for producing sponge iron fines. In fact, broken sponge iron that stays underneath the riddle surface can be converted into a sponge iron briquettes into a steel-making chain at one stage of processing.

Briquetting iron ore fines

Hot briquetted iron

As the name of hot briquetted iron is known, in the production of this product the temperature of the product charging the briquetting machine is high. It’s equal 650 ° C.

Hot briquetted iron

Briquetted iron sales

Iran’s briquetted iron sales is in both export sectors also part of the steel mills. Even small mills that produce billets in induction tubes. Fortunately, the development of briquetting units and the increase in the production of sponge iron briquettes have made it possible to export it along with the supply of domestic market.

Simurgh Iron Co. Catalog

The analysis of hot and cold briquettes of sponge iron, which is supplied by iron and steel company Simurgh, can be downloaded in the catalog of products of the company which is linked at above.

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