cold briquetted iron – hot briquetted iron ore

Iron briquettes are produced in two types: cold briquetted iron and hot briquetted iron ore. The two products have the same differences as below. These differences also affect the iron briquette price.

Sponge iron briquettes are classified according to the product’s inlet temperature to the briquetting machine in two types:

Cold briquette iron

The temperature of the sponge iron input in the production of cold briquette iron is equal to the ambient temperature. One of the important advantages of sponge iron cold briquette in addition to correcting sponge iron defects in it, it is possible to add alloying elements in the production stage to the order of the buyer.

Hot briquetted iron (hbi)

In the production of hot briquetted iron (hbi), the temperature of the sponge iron input to the press is 650 ° C. For this reason, the sponge iron briquettes are obtained, the hot briquettes are sponge iron. Of course, the temperature of the sponge iron output from the direct reduction unit is 650 ° C.

If the unit of iron briquette production is directly alongside the direct reduction iron unit and the sponge iron can be extruded directly from the direct reduction iron unit, considerable cost savings can be made.

Iron briquette price

The iron briquette price depends entirely on its characteristics, which are set out in the product analysis bulletin. The percentage of carbon contained in the product, the percentage of fe total, the percentage of fe metal, and, of course, the percentage of alloys, as well as harmful elements such as phosphorus in the product, are effective at the announced final price.

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