dri fines sponge iron scrap sales

DRI fines sponge iron scrap sales with the aim of re-using them (in other words, recycling) in the steel line to convert iron pellets or sponge iron briquettes.

fines sponge iron is a broken sponge iron, which is bundled in the phase of the transfer of sponge iron from the unit of direct reduction to the steel line. The dri fines sponge iron scrap sales have flourished due to the possibility of re-use in steel making.

Fines sponge iron sales

The dri fines sponge iron scrap sales is done to briquetting units. Combined with dri fines and silicate glue together with lime amount, these units convert fines iron sponge iron into iron ore briquettes by applying pressure and heat. Iron ore briquettes, like sponge iron, can be used in induction melting furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

Sales of sponge iron sludge

The sale of sponge iron sludge is also done in order to convert it to agglomerates and iron ore pellets and to return to the pelletizing line. In this way, the iron sponge sludge that was washed and detached directly in the Direct reduction unit can recover and return to the steel making line.

Simurgh Iron and Steel Company

The capacity of supplying dri fines and sponge iron sludge by Simurgh iron and steel company is currently around 20 thousand tons per month. The following video shows the sample of these two products. You can use the following communication paths to get an analysis of these two products as well as daily price inquiry.

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