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concentrate iron ore sales

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Iron ore pellets for saleIran iron ore concentrate exportsSimurgh iron & steel company
concentrate iron ore sales

Concentrate iron ore sales are done in two parts. Sales of concentrate iron ore to active iron pelletizing plant in the domestic market and selling it for concentrate iron ore exports to other countries.

Concentrate iron ore sales do not go directly to melting and steel making units because of their inability to use in the melting process. The fineness and powdery form of iron ore concentrate have not been able to be used in melting furnaces. Therefore, there is a need for another processing step to agglomerate. This processing is done as iron pelletizing. In fact, the most important consumer of iron ore concentrate are pelletizing iron ore process units.

Iron ore pellets for sale

The iron ore after crushing and grinding is concentrated in the concentrating process under the condensation process. Therefore, the product obtained from this stage is small iron ore powder with a low percentage of impurities. Often, the Fe percentage of iron ore concentrate is limited to 65-69%.

The iron ore concentrate obtained as described above is under the pelletization process. During this process, iron concentrate turns into iron ore pellets. The purity of the iron ore pellet is similar to that of the concentrate. But its size is sharper. Therefore, it can be used in smelting units equipped with high furnace and converter.

Iran iron ore concentrate exports

Of course, part of the concentrate of iron ore produced in our mineral processing units is exported. China is one of the main target markets for Iranian iron ore concentrate exports. Consequently, the price of iron concentrate is delivered in FOB Bandar Abbas.

Iron ore concentrate with a purity of 64.5 to 68 percent is ready for sale and export by the iron and steel company Simurgh Trading and Manufacturing Company. Please send us the full details of your purchase in the form of a formal request for your purchase.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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